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Friday, September 30, 2005

The sound of silence

Holy shit, Batman, for the first time since I got home last Saturday, I have the fucking house to myself. The irony of that is that I have work to do. Oh I so love God. She has a hell of a sense of humor.

Elizabeth at 8:39 AM


Friday, September 23, 2005

Not every single thing in this world revolves around moi

Morepghpics 001
Originally uploaded by alexiecfo.
Being that I have told story after story of my evacuation and people feeling sorry for me (which I do NOT deserve) I am just over myself. Seriously. I mean, not that I won't take the prayers and kind thoughts, but I just feel so incredibly lucky in this whole Katrina experience. So it really hit home for me how small my little life is when I saw this memorial of Flight 93 that crashed in Shanksville, PA on 09/11/01. There were several memorials and a whole wall where people posted pictures, plaques, sayings. There were even little toy trucks and stuff at the bottom that I am sure were put there by children of the passengers of that flight - which broke my heart. So many tragic things happen in this world every day. It did me some good to look outside of my little universe. God bless those people and their families - those left behind who truly suffered.

Elizabeth at 8:24 PM


Pride from a distance

Morepghpics 012
Originally uploaded by alexiecfo.
My family grew up in the projects in Clairton, PA. My family did remarkably well considering their rather humble beginnings. Several of my aunts and uncles put themselves through school. This picture is of my Uncle Ronnie. He is the first born of my Gram's kids. He played football for Clairton HS, but he also went on to play pro ball up in Canada for the Saskatchawan Roughriders. He then did some sportscasting and some coaching. I don't know him well at all since he lived in Canada for years. That does not change the pride I feel when I see things like this. It amazes me that someone from my family was this successful. I think that is cool as hell. :)

Elizabeth at 8:08 PM


Uncle Marv and the dancing car

Morepghpics 014
Originally uploaded by alexiecfo.
My Uncle Marvin died on March 13, 1993. He is my cousin Jen's dad. Jenis the cousin I am closest to in my family. We are very close friends as well as being family. Jen is also Connor's mother. Connor has been featured in my pics on here recently. I went to Uncle Marv's grave for the first time while I was in Da Burgh. He was my favorite uncle by far. He was a NUT. Truly. I see him in Jen every time we speak or see each other. Uncle Marv used to come pick me up and take Jen and me to dinner and would make us laugh because if no one was on the road he would swerve back and forth to "make the car dance." That cracked me the fuck up. I miss him a lot. It made me sad when Jen had Connor because I thought that Connor would never know what a cool Grandpa he has but I now realize that Jen is a walking, talking embodiment of everything fabulous about Uncle Marv. Connor will know his Grandpa through her. That makes me happy.

Elizabeth at 8:05 PM


Living out of a suitcase sucks big donkey dick

Well, the Momenator, the dog, the two cats and I have made it to Birmingham. We are on our way home. From Da Burgh we went to Tennessee and then to here and then tomorrow home. I just wanted to break it up and not tax myself or the pets anymore. I mean, not like I am rushing home to a job. (More on that later.) With any luck, we will be back in my house by tomorrow afternoon. However, I have the in-laws staying by my house. You might ask how I could be such an ingrateful bitch as to not want anyone in my house but I just don't. Nevermind that I camped out at other people's houses for almost a fucking month. Nope, I am such a shrew that I want my house to myself. I so gotta get a fucking grip. Anyways, enough about the selfish bitch that is moi. I have, in recent days, began to catch up on some of y'all's blogs. A lot has been going ON. LOLOLOL. I am still getting caught up and there were some blogs that, for whatever reason, I could not see on my aunt's computer so that was fucking annoying. So, Lawbrat, Jessica and Spelunk, I promise I am getting caught up on y'all. I did not forget y'all. Promise.

I have a ton of pictures to post. I promise to get back in the saddle once I get home. Oh, here is a newsflash. I quit my damn job. Yeah, I did. I found a way to work from home and after MUCH discussion with the husband (can we afford this? can I be disciplined to work from home? holy shit, did you know I can watch Guiding Light every blessed DAY?), he gave me the go ahead to give the ole firm the big heave ho. I will be doing contract paralegal work and I think it is gonna be fan-fucking-tastic. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers that I will not be a giant slack ass with this and will manage to pay the bills. The husband has been really supportive, thank goodness. Oh, and I agreed to cook. Like often. Like in the kitchen. And not just with stuff that is microwaveable. Holy shit, y'all. Send in the majorly easy but look tough recipes please. I need all the fucking help I can get.

I gotta get back to my book because it is nearing the end and getting soooooooooooooooooo good. Keep those in Rita's path in your prayers. I am sure that goes without saying. :)

Elizabeth at 4:34 PM


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Can you even DEAL?

Originally uploaded by alexiecfo.
This is Connor. Seriously, this picture does not do the girth of his cheeks justice. They are a meal in and of themselves.

Elizabeth at 9:43 AM


Yet another whore

Fucking Rita, man. I am so annoyed. I should be in my packed to the gills car driving south to my first stop of Kingston, TN in order to be home by Friday afternoon/evening, but my stupid home does not know what they are gonna do since Hurricane Rita is in the Gulf. This just irks my fucking nerves. I had to postpone all my plans and push my hotel reservations back a day to see what was gonna go on. I hope we can leave bright and early in the AM. I am just ready to get on the road.

Yesterday I took the Pooper to my cousin, Jen's, house so he could meet her dog, Ruthie. Even though Gage is fixed, he tries to mount anything that stands still long enough. It's.......charming. Thankfully they did play together for a while before poor Ruthie got annoyed with it all and we had to go. They lasted a whole two hours so Jen and I got to visit. For that I was thankful. Then we went to the graves to see a few people that I have not seen in a while. I got to see my Grandpa's grave, my Uncle Marv's grave and Uncle Sav's grave. That might sound kinda morbid but I really wanted to go. I miss all three in different ways. I have pics of everything so expect posts.

Today I am having lunch with Jen again, then coming home to see my Aunt Jeannie one last time before we go to my cousin, Carrie's, house for dinner. Somehow I have to find time for laundry and packing all our shit. I could quite possibly have purchased a large amount of Steelers merchandise. Maybe. Coulda done that. So fitting all that in will be a treat. But I mean, fuck, when you find a fabulous Steelers letterman type jacket for sixty fucking dollars, are you gonna pass that up? The answer to that is NO. My car is also all decked out. I have the license plate frame, the emblem stuck to my bumper and a magnetic ribbon that is black and gold that says "Go Pittsburgh." If I pass through Cleveland or Nashville, I am sure to get my ass kicked. To which I say, bring it on bitches. I will kick you in the shins and run away like a girl.

Elizabeth at 9:01 AM


Saturday, September 17, 2005

I'm on my waaaaaay - HOME SWEET HOME

That Motley Crue reference was for Pissy.

We are outta here on Wednesday morning. Technically I could go home today but I have a few more people I want to see and things I want to do, so the husband said to just finish up and ride on down. Actually his OT will decrease once I am in town too so that is always something to consider since my ass is still unemployed. (More on that topic later.) This afternoon or tomorrow I am going to go visit a couple of graves of some fam that has passed on. Several of them I have never been to at all despite living here all during my college years. That is disgraceful. So I am making good now. Tomorrow I have to go to my cousin's house for part of the Steelers game which I am NOT thrilled about. It is a cousin that I am not really close with at all and his fake ass wife. I am so whatever about it but I would really rather be right here to relax and see my boys kick some Texan ass. I had best go get a shower because it is after 11 AM here and I am still in my pjs. Sick.

Elizabeth at 11:16 AM


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The day my world almost crashed into a gully

OK, so last week (Wednesday I think - the days run together now), the mother and I and the zoo of pets are beginning our trek from Vicksburg, MS to Pittsburgh, PA. Being that the trip is a cool 16 hours of driving, we decided to break it up and stop in Louisville, KY the first night. Well, my wee lass, Reba does not like her cat carrier, but me being the responsible pet owner that I am always tosses her ass into it if she goes in the car with me because it is the thing to do. Now y'all know how much I adore by baby girl, right? I mean I just love her to pieces. She is very prissy and very scared of EVERYTHING so anything that upsets her routine just sends her fluffy ass right into a tizzy. Let me further preface this story by pointing out that my mother has done nothing to assist me on this trip from HELL. In the week prior I had gone from NO to Memphis (12.5 hours due to traffic evacuating), Memphis to Vicksburg (just over 4 hours), Vicksburg to home and back in the same day (started at 7 am and got back at 10 PM - yes, that's right - 10 fucking PM - once again traffic) and then from Vicksburg travelling to Louisville. I was tired. I was cranky. I was sick of being the fucking adult. I am travelling with another damn adult so why am I doing all the work? But I digress. My patience was gone. Any car trip with the cat in the carrier is started off which her expressing her dismay by meowing. LOUDLY. In this sad pathetic way that sounds like "Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!" Like "what the fuck kind of shit is this that y'all are up in the a/c and I am in this cage back here with the damn DOG?????" Suffice it to say she is not pleased but she settles down eventually. It normally takes 30 to 40 minutes. Well, this day it was not that way. She hollered. And hollered. AND HOLLERED. Finally she got so fucking pissed off that she pissed and shit in her crate. I truly think that she did it out of absolute anger and fear because never in the almost six years I have had this cat has she does this - even on the 10 hour evacuation to Houston last year. OK???? With me? So rather than make my sweetness lay in piss and shit, I make the executive decision to pull the fuck over and clean our her carrier. To do that, she needs to come out. Well, we were in the middle of Butt Fuck Nowhere Mississippi. No gas station to be found. No rest stop. NADA. So what can I do? I gotta clean her up, right? I pull off the next exit which has nothing there. We get off the interstate and I find a place to safely get off the road. I explain slowly to my mother that her role in this (her only job thus far, mind you) is to hold Reba close to the ground after I get her out. Squash her fat, fluffy body to the ground because if she gets any traction under her little feet, she will fight to get away. I no sooner have dumped the shit out of the carrier that I hear "REBA!!!!!!" and see a streak of red going towards the trees and a 30 foot drop into a gully. My fucking heart stopped. For those of you who do not have pets and do not get the pet love, just stop reading because you will vomit. I seriously just lost it. All the pent up frustration towards my mother just erupted. She is hobbling down the grade towards Reba screaming like a loon thereby scaring my girl even farther into a fucking briar patch. I went ape shit. I started screaming at my mother "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER - ALL YOU WILL DO IS MAKE IT WORSE." Believe it or not, screaming this once did not do the job. I also said "YOU ARE UNFUCKING BELIEVEABLE - I CAN'T FUCKING BELIEVE YOU LET HER GO!!!" OK, I am being honest here because I know this does not paint me in a very nice light but I had HAD IT at this point and the thought of losing my girl just fucking kicked my selfish bitch self into high gear. I normally keep her safely tucked away but she came raging out, ya know? She finally backed off. I almost had Reba in my hands and she got spooked again as a car pulled up and ran farther across the woods. The car held the man who eventually, after at least 30 God Damned minutes, grabbed her and dumped her ass back in the carrier. He was obviously dressed for work. I clearly made his ass late. He was in the back of the woods and briar patches getting cut the fuck up on them and continued to help me until we had her back. I don't even know his name but I am indebted to him forever. I can't imagine not having my little girl. Even thinking about that moment when I thought she was gonna jump down into that gully makes my stomach knot up and the tears start. I mean, what if I had lost her? This is not an outdoor cat. She has no survival techniques. She would have been dead in a day. No doubt. My baby girl. I would have had to have been put in a fucking loony ward. When she ate the dryer sheet and got so sick, my husband told me after she was ok that he was worried about me because I would not handle it well at all losing another cat. I mean, losing the Big Bubber about put me into a depression. Losing Reba would have been it for me. Seriously. This is not dramatics.

Anyways, she is back in the carrier; this wonderful man is on his way back to work; Mom and I are in the car and she has the NADS to say that Reba scared her. Ladies and gents, I am here to tell ya that it took every single solitary bone in my semi-decent body to not fucking kick her out of the car. I sat there and cried and cried because it was just such a nightmare. I called my husband and cried some more. I just did not even speak to her for a good few hours. I had to calm the fuck down. I love my mom, ok? There are a lot of issues there that I won't discuss here but she can send me into a fucking pisser of a mood QUICK. I knew that if I spoke to her before getting my bearings I would say more shit that was uncalled for and just mean. I can be a nasty muthafuckah when provoked, ya know? Anyways, that's the story about almost losing Reba. As I write this, she is all hunkered down on the floor taking a snooze. She always greets me in the morning and I always tell her how much I love her. Because I do. Thank the Lord for that man. Without him I would be in a really bad way right now. So, thanks nameless stranger. I hope that when someday you are in a bind and have no clue how to fix things, someone helps you the way you helped me.

Elizabeth at 11:01 PM


I gotta chew on his feet when I see him again

Originally uploaded by alexiecfo.
Here is Christian Michael again. He is currently dressed for church with his hair all combed back and his grandmother's shoes on. I decided against posting his nekkid picture even though you can't see anything in case someone has like kiddie porn tendencies. Anyone touches this kid and the wrath that will come upon you will make a colonoscopy seem like a nice date.

Elizabeth at 8:59 PM


Fucked up roof

Originally uploaded by alexiecfo.
Here is a pic of my messed up roof. Thankfully we have a $1000 deductible and then this will all be fixed. We would have needed a new roof in the next couple of years anyway so it's ok actually. Could possibly be back home in a couple of weeks. Halle-fucking-lujah.

Elizabeth at 8:57 PM


Even the dog....

Originally uploaded by alexiecfo.
I took the Pooper to Petsmart to do something about his knife like nails and they gave him a Steeler bandana. Here is he lying on the bed in my aunt's basement in Da Burgh. Can you even stand how cute he is?????

Elizabeth at 8:19 AM


Sunday, September 11, 2005

I'm here, I'm queer..............wait, no I'm not - I'm just here

Hi y'all,

Been a big giant blogging loser lately. I have not posted since we got into the Burgh safe and sound. Speaking of the Burgh, did you see my boys in black and gold today? I mean, HELLO????? It was a game of beauty. I fucking hate the Titans - no offense to my TN friends. They are not in the same dregs as the Cowboys or the Ravens in my mind but they are down there for sure. Well, my boys - MY BOYS - did well. I am pleased and it was cool as shit to get to watch the game and not have it be a momentous event like it is when I am down South. I might stretch this mini-hurricane vaca out until the end of the season. KIDDING. I can't wait to get home. I miss the husband. I miss my home and the neighborhood and just being in my own space ya know? I am having a nice time here and my fam is integrating my menagerie of animals in nicely (thank God) but still......ya know? Tomorrow I am driving my mom down by my Aunt Betty's home and leaving her ass there for a couple days. Truthfully I need a break. There are so many instances I could give of why I need this break but how about all y'all be in a car with your mom for 12 hours to Memphis, then 5 to Vicksburg and then 16 up to Da Burgh and see how you feel. Um, enough said I think. Not to mention I do all the packing, unpacking, loading and unloading of the car. And she almost lost my baby girl, Reba in the woods in rural MS. She means well but truth be told it is like travelling with a small child and I am still slightly too selfish for that. LOLOLOLOL

Well, I need seepie. I will try to catch up with all of y'all in the next few days since I will have some time to myself. Please know that I miss reading all about y'all's crazy ass lives. Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers. I will try to be more steady in the posting. I know - I lose my job and become a giant slack ass. It's pitiful.

Elizabeth at 10:22 PM


I want to eat his cheeks

Originally uploaded by alexiecfo.
This is my mom holding my cousin's baby, Connor. Jen gave birth to him over 2 months ago and luckily I am getting to see him. I also took pictures of his toes. I want to eat those too. Lucky for him, I was having a cold when I saw him so, for now, his cheeks and toes are intact.

Elizabeth at 9:25 PM


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Safe and sound

First things first, I need to send out a thank you to the nameless good Samaritan that crossed my path in rural Mississippi. My cat got loose (that is a story for another day) and I was half crazed and crying when this sweet man came by and helped dig my little shithead out of a freaking BRIAR PATCH. For like 30 minutes. I never got this man's name. I was so out of my head that I never even offered to like offer some cash to at least buy his lunch that day. He was clearly on his way to work. So thank you, little country dude. You gave me back my priceless little fuckhead and that means the world. I hope the good will comes back to you ten fold.

I am up in Pittsburgh. (Hey, D, we be in the same state, girrrrrllll!!!!) And get this shit - we have power back at the house. At my HOUSE. Is that some shit? The Eastbank (where y'all have been seeing the levee break and all that) is fucked so the people have been working on my side. The husband called and told me. Hallelujah!!! So now I can go back to my home when I want to. Is that not wonderful??? I have just been so lucky, ya know? I mean, it sucks to lose my job (which I did - they are not thinking the firm will survive) and be displaced temporarily from my home but shit, at least I HAVE A HOME. At least my husband is employed, ya know? Most of my friends have nothing. I hate to even tell them that we have been so spared from the wrath of Katrina. Ya know what I mean? I mean, I am almost embarrassed. That makes no sense but I hope y'all get what I am saying. LOL

To all of you who have stuff for me, I feel so weird with y'all sending me stuff. I mean, there are so many others so much more worthy and deserving and needy than I am. But I appreciate all that all of you have done. I mean it just overwhelms me - really. That is the best word for it. As for mail service and stuff, I am not sure what is up with that. We won't be here as long as anticipated since we have power so I guess I will have to keep you posted on what our status is. However, if Amanda B (that is the only other blog person I can think of off hand that was affected by this) has not fared as well as I have, please by all means, send all proceeds to her. Seriously. I am ok. I have great family who is thrilled to see us even under the sucky circumstances. I have not been keeping up with blogs but I hope Amanda has been as lucky as we have. However, if y'all wanna send everything that has been raised and stuff to her, then you have my blessing times twenty. :)

Y'all have been the fucking bomb diggity (to steal a phrase from Nessa). I need to catch up on all y'all's lives - especially see how the trip to Kristine's house went for Pissy and RSG. I know that had to be some funny ass shit right there.

The husband is back at work. He got a day off and I got to see him which was fab since he won't be off for at least another month. He is safe though. Bored. Ready to go the fuck home, but safe. Thank God for that. Little fucker. Well, big fucker. :)

Sorry for being out of touch for so long. Thanks to everyone for the comments. There are so many people who found me from other sites. It is just so cool. Thanks again.

Elizabeth at 10:16 PM


Friday, September 02, 2005

No other word for it but blessed

I have never been a terribly religious, Bible thumping type of girl, but this experience has shown me truly the best and worst in humanity. I have already ranted about the worst but let me touch on the best. Y'all have been truly amazing. So many comments (took me forever to read) from people who have never even read my blog, found me through someone else and came by to say that they hope I am ok, offer me a place to live, jobs, money, etc. It is truly a beautiful thing. I feel so very lucky. My family and friends back in New Orleans seem to be ok. Luckily they have an emergency land line at the station so that I can be in touch with my husband at the fire station. The original plan was for me to buy him a gun. A GUN PEOPLE. I don't do guns. I am a lover, not a fighter. However, if it comes down to my husband or some looter, well, you do the math. Nevertheless, I can't purchase one. I am in MS and you have to buy the gun in the state in which you reside. So that's done. Gas is an issue - can't get any. I have enough gas to drive home either Monday or Tuesday and back. I can't be trekking across the state line in order to buy firearms. They have plenty of guns at the station but most are shot guns and the husband wanted a handgun to keep on his belt. It just did not work out. The worst seems to be over. Yesterday was a rough rough day. I spoke to my father who cries NEVER. He was crying. I was crying. He feels awful that I had to leave my husband behind in that nightmare. I spoke to my brother. By then I had pulled it together, thankfully. Today the National Guard and various troops entered the city and are starting to maintain order. I am hopeful that my husband is ok and safe now. True, it sucks but at least he is with his co-workers and has food and is ok. That is all I can ask. It is amazing that when something like this happens, the trival stuff does not matter. You boil your needs down to what truly matters. And that is my family - immediate and extended - are safe. My pets are safe. Pissed but safe. We have family that loves us and is caring for us so well. Thankfully we still have income coming in. Every single person I have met has been unreal. I actually almost cried on the phone today talking to the Wells Fargo mortgage lady. I just called to see if there was some sort of protocol I should be doing and when she found out where I lived, she just went "Darlin' you do not have to pay your mortgage until December 1. You do not need to worry about trivial stuff like that. I will pray for you and your husband." They had already put a stay in place for 3 months for all the parishes affected in Louisiana. She was so kind. I think I am so used to the hard side of people that when true kindness and compassion comes out, it shocks me. And then there is y'all. I just can't even come close to expressing my gratitude. The offers of money, homes, employment, prayers, wonderful thoughts and well wishes have just overwhelmed me. Truly. Y'all are just so special and I will never ever forget that. I am not on a computer too often but I wanted to at least say that I am still here; I am safe; and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I just ask that you continue to send good energy and prayers down for my husband. I am still worried about him even with the improvement in the situation over the course of today. His name is Vincent. I call him Cookie. He is a big bear of a man who is the most easy going, passive, goofball of a man I have ever met. The thought of him holding a gun in order to protect himself or a co-worker is unfathomable to me. It is just not in his make up. I am certainly not taking issue with those who are comfy with guns because those very same people are who are keeping him safe. I am just saying that it is not his way. I guess you just do what you have to do. Anyway, I have rambled on and on but basically just wanted to let y'all know that I am fine and safe and to say thanks to all of you for every single thing. I apologize for not getting in touch with those of you who have left numbers but it has been madness and phone lines even here in MS are touch and go. I figure if I update on here, you will know I am ok. Thanks to everyone. I can't say that enough. :)

Elizabeth at 9:14 PM