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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

51 Random things.....

I am inspired by Kristine's "Random and Odd" blog in which she lists 51 random facts about herself. She claimed that it is harder than it looks so I am testing it out.....let's roll.

1. I have no conscious memory of losing my virginity.
2. I have the ability to recall really stupid facts about various things and have no reason why I know them. Hence, I am called the font - as in font of useless knowledge.
3. Bad grammar used to make me crazy until I moved to the South - where grammar has gone to die. I have since given in.
4. Sometimes I feel closer to people that I have never met in person than to those people that are in my life every day.
5. Yesterday was the worst day in my professional life. (More of that later.)
6. I have 3 older brothers and one sister - and yet somehow I am an only child. Figure that one out.
7. My best friend in the world is named Wendy and Wendy rocks, ok?
8. I annoy those who go to the movies with me because any time the Dreamworks logo pops up, I MUST SAY "My Wendell works there."
9. Cell phones are the most annoying contraption but I am thankful at times that I have one.
10. I have never owned a brand new car.
11. I can not name my one favorite movie - I can only narrow it down to 5 or 6.
12. I love roller coasters even though the height thing scares the shit out of me.
13. I am not any where near the place I thought I would be in my life at the age of 31.
14. My biggest fear is that I will never have children of my own.
15. I have only had one true one night stand in my life. Unless just hooking up counts in which case, I need to break out the calculator.
16. My favorite ice cream flavor is Cookies n Cream.
17. Nothing brightens my day more than Reese Peanut butter cups.
18. I live and subsist on caffeine.
19. I try not to act like this is true but if someone ever took my laptop away, I would cease to exist.
20. I can not stand this woman in my office. I have no idea why but I just loathe her. This woman has never once done a thing to me - that I know of.
21. I sing loudly in the car and to my ears, it sounds good. Probably not so much though.
22. Even though I would never admit it or ask for it, I love for a fuss to be made over me on my birthday.
23. I very often confuse love with lust/hopeful thinking.
24. I still wonder sometimes if I decided against law school out of fear of possible failure.
25. Sometimes it is so much easier to lie.
26. I have lost two cats for inexplicable reasons. When I say lost, I mean they died, not I can't find them. That still haunts me.
27. Greece is the one place I want to see before I die.
28. I need a vacation so badly right now that I can taste it.
29. Fat babies make me smile - particularly the rolls. Love the rolls.
30. I want to eat breakfast off Dennis Quaid's belly.
31. Headaches come so often to me that I most likely have a giant tumor in there somewhere.
32. I have a flair for the dramatic - see above.
33. Sarcasm is my way of saying what I really feel and hiding behind the possible joke aspect of it.
34. My shame - I was addicted to "The Bachelor/ette" for about 3 or 4 seasons. I have now moved on.
35. Certain things fascinate me that I have no business being interested in - case in point, Ashlee Simpson. Why?
36. I am incredibly jealous of one of my cousins who seems to have everything going for her.
37. I have a very difficult time with monogamy. (And let the hate mail begin.)
38. After sleeping 10 or 11 hours, I can be up for a few hours and easily nap the afternoon away.
39. I am great at procrastinating when I do not wish to do something.
40. Cleaning my kitchen floor is the task I detest most.
41. Coming home to my dog and having him be so damn excited to see lil ol me is just such a high.
42. Coming home to my cat who does nothing more than raise one eye open in a very "Oh, you again?" way - also a huge high.
43. Dusk is my favorite time of day.
44. Have never had sex on a beach and I so want to.
45. Ditto with glass elevator. Going doooooowwwwnnn???
46. There are so many things about me that no one in the world knows.
47. Football season is the best thing about fall and winter.
48. I want to meet Terry Bradshaw someday and when I do, I will rub his head.
49. I have been seriously depressed two times in my life.
50. I wish I could redo the last three years of my life.
51. My future daughter's name will be Emma.

That was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Hope you all enjoy. :)

Elizabeth at 1:28 PM



at 2:24 PM Blogger Vaida said...

I really loved this. I laughed at number one, and I think that it's a great idea. I'll have to come back later and read the rest of the list. My boss just gave me a shitload of work to do!!

Nice job SFG!

at 5:26 PM Blogger Torrie said...

#44 is VERY overated.


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