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Monday, April 18, 2005

Catholics - please do not hate me, but.....

I am sick to death (no pun intended) about hearing about the Pope dying. You know, the poor man was ill and it was his time. OK, the funeral is over. Let's move on. I am tired of hearing about smoke stacks, and the significance of this, and the importance of that. Since when do we need to know all this??? Of course, I was just a wee lass when this pope was put into office? Power? (What does one call that?) Anyways, perhaps I just do not recall all of this pomp and circumstance because I was too busy making Ken and Barbie do NC-17 rated things to each other in the Corvette. I was so good at that. I watched soaps with my grandma from age 7 on - I have had sex on the brain ever since. A word to the wise for all you moms out there - kids learn tongue kissing from the Guiding Light. I am here to tell the tale....

OK, back on topic. Now they want to sanctify him. Pardon my ignorance but doesn't a person have to perform certain things - like miracles - to even be considered?? I am sure this Pope was a wonderful man who loved his church and devoted his life to God, but SAINT??? I think people are letting their emotions get a tad overwrought. Let's get perspective people. No women can serve as priests. The male priests can't marry or do the deed. Lots of these male priests are touching our children and scarring them for life. Before we sanctify anyone, perhaps let's take a gander at the church and do some house cleaning. It's all about priorities - let's find some, shall we?

Elizabeth at 2:06 PM



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