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Saturday, April 23, 2005

The week from hell

Well, this was an interesting week. It started out normal enough. Then Tuesday my work life sorta exploded. For those of you that do not know, I am a paralegal in a medium sized insurance defense firm. Normally I like my job as well as those that I work with and for, but Tuesday pretty much changed all that. I busted my ass last week working almost every night (including Friday) and I worked a good bit on Saturday. However, my boss - we shall call him Dickweed - told me late in the week "just do what you can do." Call me crazy but I took that to me that I should do what I can do but don't kill myself - that if all the summaries are not complete, then oh well. Nevertheless, I still did my best to get done what I could. Long story short, he fuckin' flipped on Monday and without going into tons of detail really did tell me via email "don't blame me if you can't handle your job." To say that I was pissed is the understatement of the fuckin' decade. That fucktard made me cry and I do not like to cry over some asswipe like that. Therefore, I emailed him back and told him that the summaries would be done. Therefore, I worked 15.5 hours on Tuesday and busted my ass but they got done. I went in Wednesday morning for 7 and had those on his chair before he even came in. And since then he has had the fuckin' nerve to try to be nice to me. Oh no. Don't even go there, fuckwad. You do NOT get to speak that way to me and then try and make nice. Fuck that. I saw him briefly on Wednesday - when the fuckin' depo that I busted my ass for did not even go forth - but Thursday and Friday I did not see him in the least. Which was just fine with me. He can kiss my fuckin' ass. I have busted my ass for this dickweed and now he can forget it. I will do my job and that is it. I will not give him any reason to bitch about my work but as for having a good working relationship, he can kiss that good-bye. OH, GET THIS. He also wants to include me on the lunch next week for secretary's day or week or whatever politically correct phrase they use now for it. Um, I THINK NOT. I do not want his thanks for anything. I want my paycheck and for him to stay the fuck out of my way - not lunch. So I think I will be declining his invitation. In fact, I believe I feel a cold coming on right in time for Friday's lunch - cough, cough, sniff, sniff.

Elizabeth at 10:51 AM



at 4:28 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so sorry your week sucked so bad! Do what you can, then where is it? HUH? Maybe he forgot his medication that day? :-)
Hope your upcoming week is much better!


at 11:24 AM Blogger Spurious Plum said...

Tell him to skip Secretary's day and just give you the money.

Sorry this guy's such a tool...


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