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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Pinky Tuscadero

First off, let me just say thanks for all the compliments on my very pink bathroom. Y'all are too nice to find the beauty in that thing. However, after having really looked over the picture of my beloved Reba in the potty room, I realized that perhaps the abundance of pink is not readily apparent. The whole damn room is pink. The house has not been really updated in a good while, so the tile goes from floor to about 4 feet up. ALL PINK. Pepto fucking Bismol pink. Then the border tile, if you will, is like a marroon color. Therefore, my bathmats and "do not touch towels" are all marroon to hopefully deflect from the pink that has thrown up in there. It is just a horror. I had visions of a very muted green bathroom with very tranquil lighting and candles in there so that I may take a nice leisurely soak in peace. Instead, I am constantly reminded of diarrhea medicine. Not exactly the same thing.

Elizabeth at 3:10 PM



at 7:17 PM Anonymous lawbrat said...

Leisurely soak in peace v. Diarrhea medicine. Hmmm. The pink sucks! Time to change the pink. Get rid of that damn pink!

But, keep the kitty.


at 8:48 AM Blogger Pissy Britches said...

Just paint it white or something and leave the pink tile. I love that freakin pink tile! LOVE LOVE LOVE that shit!

at 10:40 AM Blogger Annejelynn said...

my great grandma Ruth had an ALLL ENTIRELY PINK bathroom - as a child, I thought it was heaven...and I was a tomboy aka 'hater of all pink things' - but secretly, I loved her bathroom

My beau has a pink and purple bathroom with white and black accents

at 7:28 PM Blogger Vaida said...

Wow! I can't believe all you guys updated your blogs!! They look great! I haven't done anything in a month. I haven't got the time...or the patience. I miss those laid back days where I could spend chatting in Dooce and laughing out loud in the middle of the work day so everyone would stare at me. Now, I'm swamped. Also, had a job interview today...may be moving on to a place where there will NEVER be any free time. I'll try to come back and visit. Take care!

p.s. a PURPLE bathroom is the way to go :)


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