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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Books books books

I was very tentatively tagged by Weetzie for this. Poor thing thinks I am a mental case and was worried about asking me to answer questions. :)

What's in Your Reading Corner?

I tend to like mystery/suspense type of stuff. I can also be a total sap and read Nicholas Sparks books. I read to escape, not to learn. LOL. I did more than enough of that in school, therefore the books I do read tend to not be on the challenging side. Every now and then I will go to a non-fiction book like "The Power of Now" which is currently on my bookshelf, but I have yet to delve in.

1) Total number of books I've owned:

Countless. I also tend to be a purger. Once I read a book, I either pass it along or sell it on Amazon to recoup some of my money. I am not a book hoarder.

2) The last book I bought:

I got from Sam's Club and since hardbacks are so cheap there, I got two. One was "No Place Like Home" by Mary Higgins Clark and the other one was "Ya-Yas in Bloom" by some author whose name escapes me but obviously wrote "The Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood."

3) The last book I read:

Countdown by Iris Johannsen

4) Currently reading:

"No Place Like Home" by Mary Higgins Clark

4) 5 books that mean a lot to me:

"The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood" is my all time favorite book. I love books set in the South because although there is plenty wrong with the South, there is so much that I love. I love all the history, the mystical aspects, the charm, the etiquette, etc.

"Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" Also set in the South - Savannah to be exact. A fantastic book and a must read for anyone.

"Gone with the Wind" - so much better than the movie. Let's just leave it at that.

Can't think of 2 others, but those three for sure.

5) Tag 5 people and have them fill this out on their blogs:

I tag:


If you would like to participate, cool. If not, I completely understand. :)

Elizabeth at 2:49 PM



at 7:06 PM Anonymous Attention Whore said...

Mmmm....Gone with the Wind. One of my favorite books and movie.

at 1:38 PM Blogger Cherry said...

Ok, I know you tagged me like a week ago....but now I finally got it posted on my site. I won't be as late next time. Tag me any time. :)


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