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Thursday, June 02, 2005

I slack, you slack, he slacks, let's all slack

I have not written much lately obviously. It has been a busy few days, and, other than work, my time on the computer has not been too abundant due to just running running running. So I will backtrack.

Weekend was super nice. The nieces, C and D, came over. I went down to pick them up Friday night from their house. They live with my in-laws to I got to visit with them too. (There is a whole separate post there about seeing someone's true colors, but I will save that for another day.) We left their house and stopped off at the firestation to see my husband since he was stuck at work. Left there and our initial plan was to eat at Chili's and then go see Monster-in-law since the movie I thought the girls would love (The travelling pants one) was not yet out. I figured MIL was PG 13 so the chances of there being any f-bombs or flashing boobies was pretty slim. Well, Chili's was packed so we rethought our plan and headed across the river to Applebee's since there is a different movie theater like right by it. Ate at the Bee, saw the flick and did not make it home until about 11:30. Let me just clear it up now that I am a 31 yr old grandma. I am like pitiful when it comes to staying up late. 11:30 for me - when I have been up since 6 - seems like 4 in the AM. LOL Anyway, we came home, I fixed up their bed and I drifted off into slumber. Saturday we got up, went to the mall so I could find these pants at Macy's that I am wearing today, did some shopping, ate at Olive Garden, then went home a bit. We dropped one niece and my mom off and the husband, C and I headed for yet another mall. It may seem like all we do is shop, eat out and see movies, but there is a reason. These girls do NOTHING with their mom. Their dad is in PRISON but we won't go there, ok? I mean, their mom works hard and is, overall, a good mom but as far as taking the girls anywhere (even just to a run to Walmart) just does not happen. So we definitely run their little butts all over town to sort of compensate. But I digress. So back to Mall #2. There was a blood drive so we gave blood, did a tad more shopping and headed back home. That night we watched the movie "White Noise" that they had brought with them. A tad grown up for kids but hey, who am I to judge? Sunday we got up, went out to grab a quick bite and then went to go see "Madagascar" which was so incredibly cute. The girls, at 10 and 12, both loved it. We then took them home and spent some time by my in-laws house. Monday the husband had to work (holiday pay, bring home the bacon...). I cleaned house and basically was a bum otherwise. That was my weekend.
Work week has been crazy busy, but the real cool thing is tonight is our meeting with our realtor. :):):) Saturday is house hunting day with the realtor. I can not fucking wait. I will for sure post about that latah gatah. :)

Elizabeth at 9:09 AM



at 9:44 AM Blogger Torrie said...

Holy crap, that is one busy weekend. As I type this there is a cat ass in my face.

at 9:55 AM Blogger Cherry said...

You sound like a very good aunt. I bet your neices love spending time with you.

Awesome about meeting with the realitor tonight!! You will have so much fun looking at houses!!! :)

at 10:46 AM Blogger Nessa said...

dude - your husband's a firefighter too????


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