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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Update in general

OK, I know yesterday's post was FIL full. I was a very bad DIL and did not even go visit him last night even though I could spit from my front yard and hit the hospital but I promise I have a good reason. Let me back track and clue y'all in on the weekend first because it will make way more sense. Friday night was girl's night. Three girlfriends and I went to Juan's Flying Burrito and ate our fill of Mexican food (which was so good that it more than made up for the fact that our waiter, despite having his hair in a ponytail had some sort of Donald Trump odd ass combover thing happening) and drank mucho margaritas. After that, I met up with the husband and we went to go see Mr. and Mrs. Smith which was a lot funnier than I thought it would be. I also got a rather stressful phone call that day from the husband informing me that the man who was to arrange our financing was going to have to give our loan away due to a problem with his license. He had just recently split from his company and started his own deal and that messed with his license. This is not a big deal but we are trying to close on this house for 6/30. Um, hi again stress. My old friend. So I tried not to freak and just kept sucking down the ritas. Our realtor called us and said she had a fabulous lady who could take over and there should really be no problem or hold up. Um, sure. Anyways, we hooked up with her last night. Can you say SHE FUCKING ROCKS???? Go ahead and say it - I'll wait. This woman took all of our info and when I was in the middle of signing some document, my husband asked "So due to you just taking over our loan now, do you foresee us having to close past 6/30?" She did not even miss a beat - "Nope, 6/30 as a closing date is no problem." She was so confident in her answer that she truly made me think that this shit might actually happen on time. I am the first to admit that I do not know dickly squat about mortgages or loans or this or that, so I am relying on her expertise. I know my limits and this is it. The fact that she was just so certain that we would have no problems made me feel so much better it is like someone untied the knot in my belly that has sat there for a good two weeks now. The best part is that she works in my office building. The few things that I was lacking last night, I faxed over to her this morning and she will have an exact amount of money we need to have in cashier's check form for the closing on Wednesday. I mean, how fucking fast is that? We will have our answer a full week before the actual closing date. So now I am like bouncing off the fucking walls. I am so damn excited. You all just do not KNOW. My husband and I have been in a constant financial struggle pretty much from the time we got together 8 years ago. I mean, seriously. I think both of us are just like "pinch us because we are so obviously dreaming." We are both so thrilled but we are like keeping it sorta in check because in the back of both of our minds I know we are like "Let's not rock this boat because the mutha will capsize and we will lose this house." It feels like FINALLY things are coming full circle and some of the bad stuff is leaving and we are finally getting some relief. Both of us are letting some of the cautious attitude go and are getting like gleefully excited. Please keep us in your thoughts that this process continues to go well. I know that in the grand scheme of things whether a house closes on time is hardly a fucking catastrophe but you know what, this means a ton to us. This house represents our hard work and dedication to the rest of our lives together. We just want to start the next segment of our lives. We are very ready. :)

Elizabeth at 10:53 AM



at 5:16 PM Blogger Cherry said...

I hear ya girl. I don't know how Hubby and I winded up in the house we did.

I understand the not getting too excited. But it will happen for you guys. Most lenders/closers/real estate agents are right up front with you. They don't want to waste their time if they think it wont turn out.

It will work out for you guys. :)

at 5:33 PM Blogger Tara B! said...

I am sooooo superstit...superstici...uhhh...I always think if I get too confident I will jinx things, too.

Look at me! I'm too lazy to use dictionary.com!

Jobs, loans, vehicles, pregnancies, you name it. I'm afraid I'll jinx it. I've gotten to the point in my paranoia that unless I have it in my hot little hand, I won't even tell anyone about it! Yeah, uh, my next pregnancy might be tough to hide until I have a baby in my hand...but you know what I mean. I feel for your stress and anxiety, girl! Hold on and you'll be packing shit before you know it! Packing shit? Packing boxes of house shit is what I meant...

at 11:51 AM Blogger Weetzie said...

I am sooo excited for you guys! =)

at 12:23 PM Anonymous lawbrat said...

Yea!! Good things coming your way. You deserve it. Its so nice to have things go right!

at 12:57 PM Blogger Vajana said...

glad to hear things are going so well! hopefully I will get your blog exchange out before you move...if you want me to send it to the new address email me and give me the new one...but I will try to send it either today or tomorrow!!

at 1:58 PM Blogger The Recovering Straight Girl said...

Glad things are working out okay. A good mortgage person is KEY.

When I bought the house I live in now (on my own since divorcing,) I had the greatest mortgage lady on the planet. The entire process I had one e-mail and one phone call from her. That's it.

I just showed up to close and everything was done. It was a beautiful thing.


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