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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Clearly it is the lack of drugs that has set him off

Y'all must go see this site. It provided me with a much needed lift from this long, very tiring day.


Elizabeth at 1:19 PM



at 1:32 PM Blogger Danielle said...

The man lost his mind.

at 10:21 PM Anonymous lawbrat said...

Danielle- He hasent lost his mind...the alien fragments in his body are detoxing and he's coming to his 'true' self.

I so hope you take that in the humor meant. There just arent words to describe him. To think I had such a crush on him in 'Top Gun'. EWWWW!!

pass the anti-depressants, please.

at 10:34 PM Blogger Kitty said...

hehe - now I don't feel so bad ripping on his latest movie on my site :). He's down right loonie toony now.

at 6:29 AM Anonymous minxlj said...

I discovered that website yesterday, it's hilarious. He really is nuts.

But on a serious note, his Scientologist view (dangerous religion if you ask me) of psychiatry is just scary. He 'knows' the history of psychiatry? So WHAT Tom? If you had a PhD - or any qualification - in psychiatry I might be inclined to believe you knew what you were talking about. You are an ACTOR. You PRETEND for a living. Other people live real lives, and have real problems. That can't be all cured with vitamins, you jackass.

I'd just gotten to be a fan of his acting, but now I think his monkey has jumped the tree and he's finally lost it. Go Brooke Shields!!

at 9:33 AM Anonymous lawbrat said...

minxlj- AMEN to that! I'm going to check out your post on his movie now....

at 9:34 AM Anonymous lawbrat said...

I meant kittys post on his movie...sorry about that.


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