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Thursday, July 07, 2005

My new home

Originally uploaded by alexiecfo.
This is obviously the outside. It has now occurred to me that a photographer I am not. Can you say crooked? Anyway, this is my lovely new home and I absolutely adore it and am thoroughly enjoying making it my own. Please do not rag on me for the current lack of organization because I am doing the best I can, bitches. :)

Elizabeth at 9:25 AM



at 9:29 AM Blogger Danielle said...

Nice house!!! Good luck with it.

at 5:05 AM Blogger Jomama said...

Congrats girlie! Nice house and nice yard.

at 11:52 AM Blogger Weetzie said...

awww...sfg, I love your cute little house! Have fun with it! =)

at 12:58 PM Blogger Jen said...

All of it, it's beautiful, good luck! Have fun making it yours!


at 10:30 AM Blogger Snickrsnack Katie said...

This house is PRECIOUS! I wish I had a house. I am sick of stupid apartments and condos with weird, geriatric neighbors who have nothing better to do than complain about trivial things. I suppose you can have weird neighbors in a house but you at least have some more buffer space.


at 10:03 AM Blogger Squirll said...

super congrats to the new home!!! yea you!


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