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Friday, July 22, 2005

Stuff Portrait Friday - Food I have to have in the house

Food I have to have in the house
Originally uploaded by alexiecfo.
I absolutely must have salsa in the house. If I don't, it is like cause for alarm. My favorite is Tostitos Medium. It's chunky without being too chunky and has a little bite but does not end up creating a "fire in the hole" - if you get my meaning.

Update - that is, indeed, my fat ass kitty on the counter and not what I plan to cook for dinner. I only live in the South. Was not born here. I don't eat possum.

Elizabeth at 8:56 AM



at 9:17 AM Blogger Renee said...

I have found some peach salsa that i am in love with. It's spicey with a little sweet to it!Mmmmmmmm

at 9:52 AM Blogger Mainline Mom said...

This is probably my favorite salsa too! I also like Herr's.

at 11:39 AM Blogger Danielle said...

LOVE SALSA!! but it has to be the RED HOT make your tongue burn kind,.

at 12:36 PM Anonymous Sharkey said...

What is that on the counter next to the salsa? Please tell me it's your cat and not something you're planning to serve for dinner.

I read a few of your earlier posts. I TOTALLY understand your comforter search. Why is it so hard?

at 2:08 PM Blogger Cindy said...

Hurray for salsa!! I can't go too long without it!

I thought about making lasagna for this weekend - but that would involve having the oven on and right now, it's not going to happen. :-)

Have a great weekend!

at 4:40 PM Blogger Annejelynn said...


wha, you don't like possum?

at 11:54 PM Blogger beautiful face said...

does the kitty kat tail go with the salsa?


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