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Monday, July 18, 2005

Wait, it gets better

Just found out that the receptionist who has been married for a nano-second is now pregnant and they are currently looking for a house twice the size of mine because "they really can't afford more than $200K." That may sound like not much to those of y'all near San Fran or NY but down here, that is a fucking King's ransom, mmmmmmkay?

I know I sound like Bitter Betty but this is now the third person that I will have to fake happiness for about her baby while my uterus sits untouched. Rusting. Growing mold.

I need a nap. And some chocolate. Not necessarily in that order.

Elizabeth at 2:52 PM



at 4:15 PM Blogger kimmyk said...

Chocolate is always a good pick me up.
I'm sorry your uterus is growing mold...sounds most unpleasant...*crinkling nose*

If she gets all happy and cheery just remind her 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce.

Happy people who get what they want all the time make me tired.

Here's hopin that someone touches yer uterus soon! *raises my glass of pop to ya*

at 4:20 PM Blogger Kitty said...

A receptionist looking for a 200k<=?

Cost of living down there is just a little under MI and property seems to go for the same amount. She better start aiming lower if she wants to keep that man of hers.

Even if he's making $150k a year that house payment (along with the rest of the American dream) isn't going to be pretty combined with a receptionist wage. 2/3 of divorces die due to disputes about money I thought... hmmm...

I'd keep that cutie hubby of yours and the unscathed uterus :). You have a beautiful home that I would be absolutely proud to call my domicile :).

I did some research about Louisiana awhile ago when I was applying for jobs down there a few years back. Cool place, decent IT jobs, relatively cool cost of living and all but I don't think my Midwestern arse can handle that heat :).

at 12:34 AM Blogger beautiful face said...

$200K I wish. Try about $600k where I live...for a piece of sh*t home.

Maybe I need to come visit you....

P.S. your home rocks...don't worry about her....


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