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Monday, July 18, 2005

Wasted weekend

Hi all,
I have not dropped off the face of the Earth. I have just been a very busy girl with work lately and what little energy I have had left has gone directly into doing more stuff in the house. I ended up with 11.5 hours of OT this week. That may not seem like a lot but being that I was here both damn days this weekend, it sure feels like it. The monster project is thiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to being done. The major stuff regarding all the claimants is done so that is the biggest part. However, I came in yesterday to find yet another project very similar to this one just looming on the horizon. I keep telling myself "The money will be nice...the money will be nice." However, that is very delayed gratification and frankly, I am just tired. I left here yesterday at 1, continued the Great Comforter Hunt of 2005 (no purchase) and ended up coming home where I collapsed after making a sad attempt to watch a flick. I fell asleep for 3.5 hours. Is that pitiful or what? I got up, read a bunch of blogs that I have been way behind on because, GET THIS SHIT, I have had to work at WORK. No blog reading. No shopping online. No nothing. WORK, people. I don't get paid enough for that shit.

This weeks seems to be a little better. I may work late here and there but there will be no working this weekend. NONE, I tell ya. I actually have fun plans this weekend. Friday night we are getting together with some friends from one street over. Don't fucking fall over but I am cooking. I know. No applause necessary. Should be fun because these people are a hoot. Saturday I will clean the house zealously in anticipation of (drum roll please) GIRL'S NIGHT. Four of my girlfriends from work are coming over for artery clogging snack foodages, margaritas, and to see the house and hopefully, weather permitting, take a dip in the pool. :) That should be a blast because these girls, they be makin me laugh and stuff. Sunday I think the husband is off but honestly I can't remember. I wanna say he is though. If that's the case, we will probably catch a flick and do lunch. Unless I put his ass to work like the slave driving shrew I am. Mwahahahahahahahahaha. (That was supposed to be an evil laugh.)

Hope all is well for all of y'all. I have mostly caught up on all your lives, but I may have missed a detail here and there. If I ask dumb questions, just be patient. I am tired and I have been Faganized, so just BEAR WITH ME. (Definition of Faganized: to be sucked into the black hole of securities work with one Mr. Fagan, the partner who is in charge of all these cases from hell. Possible derivatives: Faganators (those who are sucked in), Faganomics (those who move into a whole other tax bracket from all the OT from the aforementioned cases, Faganistas (those who work against us in our quest for securities domination - aka claimants who have millions of dollars and who have been investing since before my birth but claim to have no knowledge of the stock market and how on earth did I lose some of my money?)

I have taken a long enough break now and have probably convinced you all that I am way more of a geek than I really am, but that's ok. I am at peace with my nerdiness. Latah bitchessssssssssssssssssss.

Elizabeth at 10:37 AM



at 10:46 AM Blogger Pissy Britches said...

Hope the blog reading, on line shopping and general fucking off at work blows your way again very soon! It sucks to work for a living. I totally agree that we don't get paid enough for that shit!

at 11:41 AM Blogger Danielle said...

Gurls night sounds fun!! Party at SFG's house!! The "Wedding Crasher" movie was F-in hysterical, check it out.

at 11:59 AM Blogger Weetzie said...

yep, it is sad when we have to WORK at work....


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