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Friday, August 19, 2005

Hullaballo over poop - or lack thereof

Originally uploaded by alexiecfo.
Update on the Fluffy butt. Basically she is most likely constipated. I am currently feeding her Fancy Feast and hoping to see some rank ass shit in her litter box later. If not, it's the barium for her. I don't want anything invading my baby girl's trunk, so let's hope she poops.

Elizabeth at 6:09 PM



at 9:45 PM Blogger BerryGirl said...

Poor Fluffy Butt- I have never had a cat that was constipated- usually I am besides myself cleaning out the litter box- good luck. Thanks for the good thoughts!!

at 2:33 AM Blogger BossMack said...

Cats is cool, I'm a cat person. I think cats will tell you if you have a foul muthfukka in your house. Also this might sound crazy, somtimes I watch my cat, and she will look at some shit, and I look to see what she's looking at, and I don't see nuthin', then the cat jumps on alert at moves like she see's sumpthin'. A, it's like that movie "Ghost". Please forgive my rant.

at 9:10 AM Blogger Danielle said...

Aww lil kitty!! I am sooo glad that is all it is, not that we want her constipated but we can take care of that easily, PRUNE JUICE anyone? lol

at 10:29 AM Anonymous lawbrat said...

Poor non-pooping kitty. Hopefully the fancy feast will work. Is there any type of laxative you could put in her food thats kitty safe?

Wheres Jessica, she would know.

at 8:29 PM Blogger Pissy Britches said...

I think I already told you this but I have that same comforter.
That is a cute kitty.

at 9:32 PM Blogger Kitty said...

I'm so glad it wasn't any thing serious like a mass dryer sheet binge!!! I'm rootin for fuzzbutt!

at 1:14 AM Blogger Amanda B. said...

Aw, poor kitty. I how mr. Fluffy feels better soon.

at 9:05 PM Blogger Kitty said...

I can't believe I was on the computer... checking my bank accounts... and started to wonder "I wonder if today brought Lawbrat some peace in her decisions, I wonder if eclectic had a good anniversary, AND I WONDER IF FLUFFBUTT MADE DOOKIE :)"

I think I may be addicted to blogging. *deep breath*

at 12:59 PM Blogger Torrie said...

I'm sending good vibes your way.


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