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Monday, August 29, 2005

More crap about moi

Stolen from Cherry

Seven Things I...

Plan to Do Before I Die:

1. Have a bambino or two
2. Stop worrying myself into upset stomachs over shit I can't control
3. Tell my step-children how much they have hurt their dad
4. Go to Greece
5. Find some happiness within myself
6. Make my health a priority
7. Run 5 miles again without passing the hell out

Things I Can Do:

1. Recall completely stupid trivia about movies.
2. Imitate people really well if I watch them enough.
3. Can do accents.
4. Sit and watch 80's movies all afternoon without moving other than to pee.
5. Shop at Target until I explode or own every single thing in there.
6. Read magazines until my mind turns to mush
7. Twirl a baton

Things I Can't Do:

1. Let things go
2. Tap dance
3. Get past the look of crawfish in order to eat them
4. Overlook abuse of an animal
5. Those "Firm" tapes. You need to be some sort of Rockette to get through that shit.
6. Walk past any reflective surface without wondering "Dear God, whose knockers are those???? Oh.......wait.....rrrrriiiiiggggghhhhhttttt."
7. Watch daytime tv for more than a couple days without feeling brain cells jump off cliffs in my head.

Things I say most:

1. What the FUCK?
2. "Dude, pick a lane"
3. Green means go, grandma
4. The fast lanes means just that, people - let's GO
5. How YOU doin'? (a la Joey)
6. That was some funny shit
7. Oh, that's an owner. (Said after a movie I particularly liked.)

Things that attract me to the opposite sex
1. Smile and dimples
2. Nice big dude (If I can bench press you, keep walking - and go find a sandwich, dude)
3. Funny and likes my sense of humor because it can be a tad.....let's just say, crude
4. Someone that can have fun without being drunk
5. Someone that is content to chill at home sometimes
6. A man in uniform
7. Anyone that can get my moods

Celebrity crushes
1. Dennis Quaid
2. The court services officer off Judging Amy
3. Andy Garcia
4. Jerome Bettis (cute as a button running back for the Steelers - seems like such a nice man - got his shit together)
5. Christian Bale
6. Brad Paisley
7. Dermot Mulroney

Elizabeth at 3:00 PM



at 5:24 PM Blogger Cherry said...

SFG - Dang, your #5 is totally what I am going through. I think it is hard for women to find happiness within themselves.

LOL, most of your favorite sayings has to do with driving! :)


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