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Friday, August 05, 2005

Stuff Portrait Friday - My horrible habit

My horrible habit
Originally uploaded by alexiecfo.
I am also a biter/picker of nails and cuticles. Like Kristine, mine is totally stress related. You can gauge my current level of freaked out-ness by taking a gander at my hands. Right now they looks not so good.

Elizabeth at 8:40 AM



at 8:52 AM Blogger MMC said...

Not on this one....but my hubby picks at his toes/toenails.....AND THROWS THE CRAP INTO THE OTHER ROOM WHEN HE THINKS IM NOT LOOKING.


at 9:25 AM Blogger Mrs.Strizzay said...

Omg I dont even have a fucking towel closet. Gah I hate this house!

at 9:31 AM Blogger Danielle said...

That looks like my hand lol; I have the same habit

at 11:00 AM Blogger Random and Odd said...


at 3:49 PM Blogger Fuzzball said...

Oh babe, I am right there with you!! Nail biters unite! ;)

at 8:07 PM Blogger Pissy Britches said...

Ohhhh gurrrrlll...here I am again.
I bit my fucking nails for 28 years.
I mean down in the quick and made them bleed!
I finally stopped almost 1 year ago. The trick that worked for me was going to have the fake acyrlic or whatever nails put on (I HATE THEM by the way) but I only kept them on for a month so I only had to pay for 1 fill in and during that time I got used to not biting so when I took the fake ones off my real ones were grown out underneath..they were extremely weak and fucked up but I just went and bought a little sander block and file and some clear polish that is like fucking concrete when you paint it on. They were back to normal in NO time and now all I do is paint them with the concrete shit once a week. It was the hardest and only habit I have tried to break thus far in my life.
I will shut up now.

at 3:38 PM Blogger ZuphChic said...

I can relate to EVERY SINGLE ONE of your issues...freaky weird!


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