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Monday, August 22, 2005

Things that stress me

OK, so I am minding my own business today - just doing work for my boss who is not here. He is lying on the beach in Destin with his wife and two cute boys while I toil away here not that I am jealous - BUT I DIGRESS. Anyways, it is one of the atty's first days back after being on maternity leave. Once again, NOT JEALOUS IN THE LEAST. Digress again. Anyways, she informs me that she will be taking over the Meatball's (one of the bosses) securities cases. Why the fuck should I care? Because that is the whole reason I am looking for another job. I just can not deal with the securities anymore. My cases are small compared to the monstrosity they have currently going on. However, that does not mean that I don't hate them with every fiber of my being. Because, um, I do. Let me back track slightly. I have mentioned that I have been actively looking for other employment because I just can not take the securities anymore. I mean, they are horrible - just awful. Account statements from years back on DEAD claimants half the time and massive documents every fucking place and they all gotta be organized because, you know, sending them organized is just way too fucking hard. FUCK. OK, so if the Meatball is no longer going to be doing securities, then 80% of my problems just went away. I am still chapped that I found out they low balled me on income, but truthfully I am fine with that because I like where I work and have great benefits. I have been stressing about this because I don't want to run out of here and end up in a place that has a horrible atmosphere and never gives raises and has horrible benefits and just trade one side of miserable for another. So if the securites go away (or at least away from the Meatball) then my problems are solved and I can stay which truth be told, I want to do. I like insurance defense. I find it interesting because plaintiffs are fucking stupid and they lie lie lie their asses off. I am sorta in a quandry now. Do I continue the interview process (which I hate)? Or do I stay? I think I am going to wait it out and see if the securities are truthfully leaving my arena of work and make the call then. I hate confusion and upheaval. Makes my belly ache.

On another note, Reba pooped. Hallelujah. No spelunking in her trunk, thank God.

Weekend update: Friday night I watched "Stepford Wives" (not horrible) at home and waited for the Reba to poop. No dice. Early night. Saturday I got up and cleaned house until the husband came home from work. We then went to go see "Red Eye" which was so fucking cool. I loved it and anyone that didn't can suck my left boob. Then we went to dinner at a hibachi place with Kenny and Lynn. I had never been so it was really fucking cool. Our little chef dude was too cute and had a great personality so we will for sure be going back and asking for ya boy. Sunday was not so fun. Something freaked out on my dryer which meant that me, the husband and our 97 loads of laundry went to the laundromat. I have not been in one of those since about 9 years ago. Let me sum up - no a/c. Enough said. The rest of the afternoon was spent laying around like a slug and baking chocolate chip cookies that turned out fab. :) I may not be Martha Stewart but I would outbake Mrs. Fields without a doubt. :)

Elizabeth at 4:11 PM



at 4:46 PM Blogger Cherry said...

Ohhhh, SFG, I would SO give anything to have one of your cookies right now. I am having a chocolate fit.

I think that would be good to 'wait it out'. If you do like where you work and securities cases might be going away from your attorney, then stay. There are a lot of arrogant bastards out there in the legal field.

I feel so fortunate working for who I work for, I don't ever want to leave. I have a lot of friends in the legal industry, and they work for freaks.

Hope things go well. Good luck to you girl!

at 5:00 PM Blogger Kitty said...

I was all ready to say something supportive and happy about how I'm glad there is a chance you can remain happy in your current job (cuz let's face it, the interview process SUCKS... does he like me, is my hair too big, does she think i'm talking too much, is she yawning, he's wearing brown socks with black shoes what is he thinking does HE REALIZE HOW MUCH I SPENT ON THIS OUTFIT, how do I answer this? what does this question have to do with this job? if they wanted that they should have freaking ADVERTISED IT THAT FUCKING WAY, etc. etc. etc.)

But the supportive happy comment totally flew the coop when I was of witness to "poop" and "red eye" in the same paragraph. I'm all done.

Glad Kitty is all good now and I'm happy there is a good twist to the career! If I were you, I would keep interviewing with the cocky bravado of someone with a job that is everything anyone could want and more. Just to see what's out there and meet new people of course. But I'm sick like that :P.

at 6:25 AM Blogger Danielle said...

LOL, Meatball, I love that!!! Laugh every time you mention the person! I agree with Cherry on the work front but you know me, always be prepared and keep looking.

at 6:50 AM Blogger Danielle said...

I say this, gurl keep job huntenn get somethen way better with more money and tell those muthas to go fuck themselves!!!! i am so tired of the corporate america, opinionated, hell the whole dman scene. THERE, I feel better now. lol

at 2:30 PM Blogger Nessa said...

dude - you are the THIRD blogger today that I've read that has had dryer problems over the weekend - I'm starting to get worried!!!


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