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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Weekend update, etc

Let's start with the weekend. Friday night, the inlaw's came over with sis in law, N and her two children, D&C. D&C are the two nieces who came and stayed with us a few weeks back. Had wonderful steaks cooked on the grill with mashed taters and veg and yummy bread. So my kind of meal. Hung out with them for a while which was really nice. Saturday and Sunday the husband was at the station. So Saturday morning I got up and went into work for a little while. I came home, ran a couple of errands and ended up vegging that evening. Watched "Goodfellas." I had never seen it and damn, that was some gruesome shit, but really good. Sunday I had planned to do so much of nothing that I would be a permanent fixture attached to the couch, but I ended up going to lunch with my mom. Other than that, I was a giant slug. It was nice to just chill. Since we moved, I have not had much down time especially on weekends so I really welcomed the time to chill.

Work, as I have mentioned in the past, has been a nightmare. I was lulled into a false sense of security by having a relatively good day yesterday. Then today reared its ugly head. I mean, what the fuck is it about attorneys that they fucking wait until the last fucking minute for every fucking damn thing????? I emailed a reminder to everyone that I work with to let them know that Wednesday I had to leave early in order to get the mother to the airport and that I was taking a half day off Friday basically to enjoy the time with the Hubbster while we had the chance. So do I get any last minute projects yesterday? Nope. Today I get slammed and it's always "Oh, I need this before you leave tomorrow." Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK? Is that in the first year of law school because they all do it. EVERY SINGLE ONE. It worked out ok because the major project that fell onto me today I was able to outsource the entire thing to, thank God, because there was no fucking way that shit was getting done by the time I left tomorrow. I got my trial notebook pretty much done for the other boss. While I am on the topic of him, he fucking chaps my ass too. When I email him a question, is it too damn much to ask that he read the fucking question before answering? He does that when I speak to him too. Shut up and don't talk over me and LISTEN to what I am asking before you just start off at the mouth. I mean, shit. Is that a man thing or is that a lawyer thing or is that exclusive to just him? It really annoys the fuck out of me though.

And the Meatball. Jesus God, why do I need to spoon feed shit to her? Bitch, your ass made it through law school, right? Then do your damn job. How about getting off your bulbous ass and checking in the file since clearly I am so fucking blind that I am not seeing what she insists is in there. (It's not.) I hate people that act helpless. Guess what Meatball? Being a lawyer is not all pretty suits, expensed off lunches with the client, and neat pretty desks with expensive leather accessories. It sometimes is lugging boxes, reading incredibly boring shit in a vain effort to understand it, and getting dirty with the rest of us peons who did not spend $80K only to come out making $50K. Do the math people. Does not take a rocket scientist to figure that shit don't match up.

I am just counting down until Friday at 1. I am out the door. We are going to get new licenses and then wings at Hooters (nectar of the gods) and then going to see "Skeleton Key." I am so going to enjoy myself. And no work will be done at all.

Sidenote: My husband is, at this very moment, taking my dog to Petsmart to get him a paw impression done. You know how you can get your child's hand print in clay or whatever and let it harden? Oh yeah. He is getting that done with the dog. If he shows 1/2 this much attention to our kid, then I will be happy.

Elizabeth at 6:44 PM



at 7:12 PM Anonymous Lisa said...

LOVE Goodfellas! One of my most favorite movies ever.

I once bought a shirt from Henry Hill's website for my brother who idolizes the mob.

at 7:21 AM Blogger Danielle said...

A paw impression? That is way too cute!! You crack me up about work, you would think you and I worked in South Central LA. lol COMPTON!!! lol omg. OK I love HOOTERS WINGS!!! here's to another JERRY SPRINGER day!

at 12:50 PM Blogger MsPerdie said...

No, that thing your boss does, it's not a man thing, I think it's more of a you-think-you-know-it-all thing... I know people who do that, and it gets on my nerves!

Puupy paw prints, awwww how cute.

Have fun this weekend with the hubby... tell us how Skeleton Keys is.. I'm going to see Deuce Bigalow 2... the first one was hilarious(well to me, anyway)LOL!


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