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Friday, September 23, 2005

Pride from a distance

Morepghpics 012
Originally uploaded by alexiecfo.
My family grew up in the projects in Clairton, PA. My family did remarkably well considering their rather humble beginnings. Several of my aunts and uncles put themselves through school. This picture is of my Uncle Ronnie. He is the first born of my Gram's kids. He played football for Clairton HS, but he also went on to play pro ball up in Canada for the Saskatchawan Roughriders. He then did some sportscasting and some coaching. I don't know him well at all since he lived in Canada for years. That does not change the pride I feel when I see things like this. It amazes me that someone from my family was this successful. I think that is cool as hell. :)

Elizabeth at 8:08 PM



at 8:32 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where did you family live the terrace or the hill?

at 8:12 AM Blogger Southern Fried Girl said...

They lived in the terrace.


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