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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Safe and sound

First things first, I need to send out a thank you to the nameless good Samaritan that crossed my path in rural Mississippi. My cat got loose (that is a story for another day) and I was half crazed and crying when this sweet man came by and helped dig my little shithead out of a freaking BRIAR PATCH. For like 30 minutes. I never got this man's name. I was so out of my head that I never even offered to like offer some cash to at least buy his lunch that day. He was clearly on his way to work. So thank you, little country dude. You gave me back my priceless little fuckhead and that means the world. I hope the good will comes back to you ten fold.

I am up in Pittsburgh. (Hey, D, we be in the same state, girrrrrllll!!!!) And get this shit - we have power back at the house. At my HOUSE. Is that some shit? The Eastbank (where y'all have been seeing the levee break and all that) is fucked so the people have been working on my side. The husband called and told me. Hallelujah!!! So now I can go back to my home when I want to. Is that not wonderful??? I have just been so lucky, ya know? I mean, it sucks to lose my job (which I did - they are not thinking the firm will survive) and be displaced temporarily from my home but shit, at least I HAVE A HOME. At least my husband is employed, ya know? Most of my friends have nothing. I hate to even tell them that we have been so spared from the wrath of Katrina. Ya know what I mean? I mean, I am almost embarrassed. That makes no sense but I hope y'all get what I am saying. LOL

To all of you who have stuff for me, I feel so weird with y'all sending me stuff. I mean, there are so many others so much more worthy and deserving and needy than I am. But I appreciate all that all of you have done. I mean it just overwhelms me - really. That is the best word for it. As for mail service and stuff, I am not sure what is up with that. We won't be here as long as anticipated since we have power so I guess I will have to keep you posted on what our status is. However, if Amanda B (that is the only other blog person I can think of off hand that was affected by this) has not fared as well as I have, please by all means, send all proceeds to her. Seriously. I am ok. I have great family who is thrilled to see us even under the sucky circumstances. I have not been keeping up with blogs but I hope Amanda has been as lucky as we have. However, if y'all wanna send everything that has been raised and stuff to her, then you have my blessing times twenty. :)

Y'all have been the fucking bomb diggity (to steal a phrase from Nessa). I need to catch up on all y'all's lives - especially see how the trip to Kristine's house went for Pissy and RSG. I know that had to be some funny ass shit right there.

The husband is back at work. He got a day off and I got to see him which was fab since he won't be off for at least another month. He is safe though. Bored. Ready to go the fuck home, but safe. Thank God for that. Little fucker. Well, big fucker. :)

Sorry for being out of touch for so long. Thanks to everyone for the comments. There are so many people who found me from other sites. It is just so cool. Thanks again.

Elizabeth at 10:16 PM



at 9:39 PM Blogger Fuzzball said...

Such great news!!!! *HUGS*

at 10:44 PM Blogger JessicaRabbit said...

That really is wonderful, I am happy for you and your critters and man.

at 1:17 AM Anonymous Kelly said...

I'm glad that you wrote to let us all know how you and yours are doing!! I'm doubly glad that ya'll are okay :)
Gods speed and a big YAY on your home; I know you got to be ready to get back to all of your stuff and ya hubbie!!

at 1:19 AM Blogger The Recovering Straight Girl said...

I am soooo happy that your house is okay; what a bright spot in all the horror that we are all seeing.

Enjoy Pittsburgh, I was just there a couple weeks ago. Maybe you'll pick up some Pittsburghease to go along with your southern twang!!!

I'm really glad that you are okay!

at 5:04 AM Blogger Caroline said...


at 7:14 AM Blogger Danielle said...

First and foremost I am thankful you and your family, hubby and the pets are safe. Jobs can be replaced, lives can't. The most important thing is you all are safe and you have your home. Luv you gurl. If you need anything while you are in pttsburg, lemme know, i can send you some stuff or hop on a plane and be out ther ein a half hour!!! Wow, SF homegurl is in Pennsylvania!!!! I AM SO GLAD YUO ARE SAFE, I CANT SAY IT ENOUGH, LUV U GURL.

at 7:58 AM Anonymous lawbrat said...

I'm so glad to hear that your ok, and safe. I'm very happy for you SFG!

at 9:21 AM Blogger Torrie said...

Great News!!!

at 10:19 AM Blogger Pissy Britches said...

Fabulous. So glad you are safe and sound and that your family is taking care of you and the hubby is ok.
I can't believe you have power..how wonderful is that. I am so happy for you.

at 10:28 AM Blogger mothergoosemouse said...

So glad you and your family are safe, and that your house is too. I do know what you mean about being embarrassed about your good fortune in light of those who were not so fortunate, but it's nothing you had any control over.

at 11:09 AM Blogger Nessa said...

oh that is fabulous news - now if you don't email me or call me sometime soon, I'm gonna have to track down your husband and make him cough up your number - I know people that are down there yo...warn him! :)

at 1:48 PM Blogger Circus Kelli said...

I am so glad you are safe and sound, and that your hubby is safe as well. I'll keep the prayers headed your way, praying that you and hubby are reunited again soon. Best wishes to you and hubby and your families and friends.

at 8:22 PM Blogger kerri said...

Hi! Found you through Amanda B. :) So glad you are all safe! It's so great to hear the stories of help and hospitality occurring down there. It helps remind me that through all of this hope is alive and well.

Be safe and best of wishes to you and yours.


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