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Friday, September 23, 2005

Uncle Marv and the dancing car

Morepghpics 014
Originally uploaded by alexiecfo.
My Uncle Marvin died on March 13, 1993. He is my cousin Jen's dad. Jenis the cousin I am closest to in my family. We are very close friends as well as being family. Jen is also Connor's mother. Connor has been featured in my pics on here recently. I went to Uncle Marv's grave for the first time while I was in Da Burgh. He was my favorite uncle by far. He was a NUT. Truly. I see him in Jen every time we speak or see each other. Uncle Marv used to come pick me up and take Jen and me to dinner and would make us laugh because if no one was on the road he would swerve back and forth to "make the car dance." That cracked me the fuck up. I miss him a lot. It made me sad when Jen had Connor because I thought that Connor would never know what a cool Grandpa he has but I now realize that Jen is a walking, talking embodiment of everything fabulous about Uncle Marv. Connor will know his Grandpa through her. That makes me happy.

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