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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blatantly stolen from Cherry and I did not even ask. I am a rude ho.


First best friend: Misty who I remember vividly because her birthday was on May 4th and she said May Fo

First Car: 1988 Mercury Topaz

First kiss: First kiss: Franklin Barreno First real kiss: Mario Hernandez (I see a trend.)

First makeout: Mario

First big trip: I guess Hawaii when I was too damn young to enjoy it

First flight: To Pittsburgh to see fam when I was about 2

First time skiing/Snowboarding: Fuck that.

First concert: That would be David Lee Roth with Poison opening for them. I fell asleep - rock on.

First Alcoholic Drink: My sister and I used to sneak drinks from my older, not at all wiser brother. Drink was called Skip and Go Naked. I shit you not.

First ticket violation: Going 35 in a 20 right behind the Walmart.

First job: I worked at my mom's friend's office for two summers. She was an attorney and since I also wanted to be one (stupid girl) I hoped to glean useful knowledge. I did - I am not an attorney. Take from that what you will.

First date: Is it sad that I can't remember that?


Last car ride: Is it sad that all day yesterday and so far today, I have yet to step foot in a car. So it has to be day before yesterday when we came home from Lowes.

Last kiss: Hubby

Last time you cried: When I found out that the in-laws dog died

Last movie watched: Lost Junction

Last food you ate: Mini Hershey bar.

Last love: Before the husband-o, that would be Jerry who, unfortunately had so many self esteem issues, that I just could not deal anymore. Good guy though.

Last temptation: To itch my ass crack and I did not partake. That is some fucking self control, no?

Last item bought: another garbage can from Lowes

Last annoyance: Reba wanting to lay on my pillow and put her fluffy cat ass in my face.

Last time wanting to die: can't even think of one time

Last alcoholic drink: Margaritas on girls night which was well before the hurricane

Last concert: Keith Urban at a casino in MS that is no longer there

Last phone call: the husband

Last friend you added on MYSPACE: What the fuck is MYSPACE?


Current Best Friend(s): Wendy

Current Car: 2003 Pontiac Sunfire

Current love: Hubby, Gager, Reba - not always in that order. :)

Current drink: Coke sitting right next to me.

Current activity: Still trying to not delve into the ass crack.

Current annoyance: the cost of health insurance

Current mood: Good but I gotta get up and take a shower soon and who the fuck wants to get out of PJs???

Elizabeth at 10:17 AM



at 11:09 AM Blogger Danielle said...

A rude ho? Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Liked the post...I stole it from Cherry too!! hahahha!

at 1:23 PM Blogger Cherry said...

Haha!! Loved the ass crack comments. You DO have self control! :)

MMMMM, Keith Urban. :) That is so sad that place is gone now.

at 6:44 PM Blogger MsPerdie said...

LOL!!!! Not itching the ass-crack is DEFINITELY self control. At least your at home and not at work. LOL!


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