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Monday, October 03, 2005

Damn it all to hell

I missed "Desperate Housewives" last night, so I am pulling a Nessa (LOLOLOL) and asking for some help from my blog friends to tell me what the hell happened. If you also happened to see "Grey's Anatomy" and can fill me in on that, I would be forever in your debt.

Now me and my 4000 mosquito bites are taking my mother to the doctor. I hope to be back later.

I have updates on my work situation, my hair, my feet, and my MIL. Lots of goings on. :)

Elizabeth at 9:56 AM



at 12:01 PM Anonymous Victoria said...

So I missed the first twenty minutes of it, due to the fact that I thought my DVR was recording it, but in fact it was not. It faked me out. Jerk. BUT, when I noticed it was not recording, I just erased some of the extra crap we had recorded and it started back up. How's that for an intro? Okay, so as far as I can tell, here is the scoop: Carlos is being beaten up in prison because he has a lot of money and being blackmailed to make his wife give some other guy's wife $7000 for a boob job. Well, Gabrielle went over to that wife's house and the girl didn't want the money and was upset that she was being forced into having a boob job. Gabrielle talked her out of it, basically by saying she shouldn't let her husband control her because he was in prison. Gabrielle then meets her husband in prison again and says she can't force someone to take money they don't want and the she (Gabrielle) wants control of the money. Then, we learned that Carl, Susan's ex is hooking up with Edie Brit and he wants to move in with her. A whole funny part with Edie on roller skates and Susan in her car. It was funny. Then Susan confronts her neighbor (can't remember name, keeping someone in basement) about the noises she hears coming from the basement at all hours of the day. The neighbor blames it on her son Michael who likes to do handy work around the house. Just as the noise happens again, the son comes walking up- totally obvious it's not him, right?? So then we see the neighbor woman in a psychiatrist's office talking about how she was beaten by her husband horribly and because she never left him, her husband ended up beating her son and he died- some weird lie? Maybe person in basement is husband. She claims she can't sleep and needs medicine for this. Psychiatrist says he hopes husband got punishment, to which neighbor lady was all Oh yes, he sure did. I made sure of that. We see her, again, fixing dinner for whomever is in her basement and adding the sleeping stuff. Then onto Bree Vandecamp- the insurance guy is starting to get fishy about Rex's death. Rex's doctor hands him a note that Rex had written before he coded, "Bree, I know and I forgive you." So Bree and her MIL are out to lunch and Lynette comes up to give her condolences to Bree. MIL starts hysterically crying to which Bree gets up and slaps her. Oh, the pharmacist appears on the scene again. He wants to make her feel better by taking her out and making her do something. Bree declines, but MIL sees this from the window and calls insurance guy to tell him her DIL has a boyfriend. So you can see where all that is headed. Lastly, Lynnette and her family. She keeps coming home late to a dirty house. Her husband keeps saying how he has a system and it will be fine. They get into a fight, Lynnette sleeps on couch and comes up with an idea. The next day she brings in a rat while everyone was gone. Her husband freaked out and she came home to a clean house. In the end, we hear Alice (the woman who shot herself, ya know, the narrator) talking about control. And how life is about control and who is trying to get it and who has it, blah, blah, blah. It was very good. Except I missed those first 20 minutes. Maybe someone else can do a better job at giving you the details. In the previews for next week, all I saw wass that the neighbor keeping WHOEVER in her basement, seems to get out and they said a whole bunch of other surprises. ACK! I can't wait a week. Oh, and Grey's Anatomy, don't watch it. I wish I did, but I missed the first two and don't know if I should bother with it because I will have missed so much. Is it really really good? Like Desperate Housewives, good? Because if so, I might as well just go get addicted to another show. :)

at 12:22 PM Blogger Nessa said...

Victoria did pretty good! Not much else really happened. Oh, Susan told Mike that she thought they could still date, like see a movie or something and there was a stupid part with her daughter where she said their schtick was that they tell each other everything. Stupid.

And I don't watch Grey's - I used to catch it every now & then, but didn't interest me much - sorry!!!!!

at 2:27 PM Blogger Southern Fried Girl said...

Wow, thanks y'all. :)

I do like Grey's and I do recommend it, Victoria. The main character is sorta annoying but there is this Asian girl/doctor love thing that is great.


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