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Monday, October 03, 2005

A few reasons why my husband rocks the Casbah

I spend a lot of time bitching on here so I thought I should at least say something nice about the Fucktard who is my very own. So, Dipshit, this one's for you. (Hey, at least I capitalized Fucktard and Dipshit so he knows he is just not a random fucktard or dipshit. Him is special.)

1. He bought me a DVD that has no less than six hours of Pittsburgh Steelers history and highlights for my birthday. Now that's love people.
2. He actually roots for my team.
3. He will tell me when Jerome Bettis is on Sportscenter being interviewed or something.
4. In case it is not really clear, I can be a tad....shall we say.....moody and he manages to put up with it and love me anyway.
5. He is a good dad. His kids have really tested our patience a few times but he never lets that color how he feels or acts towards them. He is thrilled for whatever bit of time they give him.
6. When I approached him about working from home, he never asked how often I would nap or how many times I would break to watch Guiding Light or how often I would blow this pop stand to go have lunch. He just supported me and said that if we can make it work, then he is all for it. (Not that I do any of those things OF COURSE.)
7. While I was evacuated up in Pittsburgh, he sent me flowers to let me know he missed me.
8. Even though he would love to cuddle while we sleep, he knows that I HATE to be smothered while trying to snooze and he keeps his distance. Only once in a while does a stray foot wander over to my side.
9. He totally was on board when I asked if my mother could move down way sooner than we anticipated - like right the fuck after our wedding.
10. He is a good son. He loves his dad and shows him how much every day.
11. He is willing to once again go under the knife and fix his currently broken sexual organs so that I can pop me out some kids. This reversal surgery is not covered by insurance, does not sound like much fun and will once again undoubtedly entail him getting shaved by some random person - something I am sure he will look forward to.
12. He never says one word when I come home with yet another purse.
13. He allowed me to decorate our room in pink, white and lime green. I am sure he feels like the most flaming gay men ever when he steps in there but he let me do it anyway.
14. When I lovingly call him a "gook" (He is Filipino), he knows me well enough to know I am kidding. Sorta.
15. When I make fun of his various oddities (not being able to flare nostrils, having the smallest, squintiest eyes EVER, having this permanent crease in his forehead from raising his eyebrows in an ever-failing attempt to make said eyes appear less, well, gook-ish, and the inability to not splay his toes) he never gets offended.
16. He never points out my oddities (the fact that my forehead is so big it is a fivehead, my three inch long legs, my hair that frizzes the moment I step outside, and my favorite, my stretch marks despite the fact I have yet to have children) in public.
17. He only sometimes rags on Guiding Light because he knows that despite it being so damn stupid I have been to some degree hooked on it since age 7.
18. Last but not least, he waited for me for years when I was not ready to be married and was my best friend during that whole time.

So, dear, I have no clue if you read this, but thanks for all you do. I love you, you giant hunk of man. Even if you don't think my feet are cute. (NOTE TO THE INTERNET - THEY SO ARE.)

Elizabeth at 2:51 PM



at 5:27 PM Blogger Leesa said...

Wow, we have alot in common. Glad things are better in your world:)

at 8:28 PM Blogger Pissy Britches said...

Ok bitch ho with the cute feet.
Sounds like you gotta a good man there. It is so nice to have a good man.
Sounds like things are looking up for you..I am so glad. And glad you are ok and safe!

at 6:41 AM Blogger Danielle said...

Brownie points for hubby!!! Yea gurl!!! Now if we could only tie up the in laws and put them in the basement.....I mean.......(laugh)

at 6:55 AM Blogger Becky said...

Your man rocks, girly :)

And I am sure your feet are positively awesome ;)

at 7:19 AM Anonymous Lisa said...

Aw, sounds like a true gem! Glad your back home with the hubby...hope things are getting back to "normal'...whatever that may be.

at 8:31 AM Blogger MsPerdie said...

That was SO nice, and your husband sounds like such a good man!

at 12:42 PM Blogger Tara B! said...

Now don't let him say you never gave him anything!

Isn't it nice when they shine just enough for us to realize how much we really do love them?

It's usually right before leaving their dirty socks on the arm of the couch...

at 12:54 PM Blogger Nessa said...

we've seen your feet - they're totally cute!

at 1:06 PM Anonymous Amanda B. said...

You, my sweetheart are SO grounded. I can't believe you sent me a present, when you have so much to worry about yourself. :0 Have you been able to move home yet?

I smooch you. :D

at 4:45 PM Blogger Annejelynn said...

yup, he's a keeper!


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