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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Note to the Husband

Look, you are six foot, three. I am five foot, four. Therefore, when you stack the shit in the pantry yay high on the top damn shelf and all I want to do is get down a roll of paper towels, it results in a topple effect and almost makes me get conked on the head by Clorox Clean Up wipes, curse loudly and send the dog scampering away. If you even want a shot of meeting up with the new and improved woo woo (or just the same woo woo that saw the doctor today) then quit doing that. Those giant containers of food and crap we get from Sam's hurt when they hit my toes. OUCH.

Elizabeth at 8:24 PM



at 8:09 AM Blogger mamalujo1 said...

Hey SFG! Thanks for your comments and for checking me out. I wanted to respond here to your comment about spouses discovering blogs. I'm guessing that he now reads yours regularly? And that this post is meant to really get him to think of his shorter wife? Mine was, at first, a nightmare. when you read the comments as emails, without the original post for context, it sounds like you're having some awfully intimate conversations with people. That's what she thought at first. I should have told her up front what I was doing, but I just didn't think about that "worst case scenario" that happened.
I don't know why I took up so much space on this-just wanted to explain it to somebody.

at 8:23 AM Blogger Southern Fried Girl said...

Honestly I have no clue. If he does, great, if not, then his loss of seeing some truly fab writing. LOLOLOLOL.

I can see how the wife was like "WHAT THE FUCK?" if she just reads the comments. Most of the blogs I read are chicks but there are a few funny guys out there. If you have not read Waiter Rant, I highly recommend. The stories almost make me pee myself.

at 8:47 AM Blogger Nessa said...

I'm not supposed to laugh, right? Okay, I won't...I'm sorry about your toes!


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