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Monday, October 17, 2005

One year and one day

Well, I was busy yesterday so I did not get a chance to blog about it being my very first anniversary. Yep, that's right. It has been one solid year and I have not killed the husband for leaving magazines in the bathroom, leaving lights on in the bathroom, jiggling the bed unnecessarily hard when putting on his giant shoes in the morning when I am not yet up, buying yet another toy for our incredibly spoiled dog and generally just being a man. I consider that progress.

We enjoyed our day together. We went to lunch at a restaurant in Crown Point called Restaurant Des Familles. It is out in the country and has floor to ceiling windows along one giant wall so you can see all the trees and Spanish moss and was just AWESOME. Food was great. Loved it all. Then we drove to Baton Fucking Rouge just to see a movie. This might not sound like a stellar way to enjoy one's first anniversary but I am a movie HOUND and it has been well over two months since I have seen a movie due to the hurricane and our theaters locally have yet to reopen. So off we went. And there.....in Baton Rouge.....we also went to....................SUPER TARGET. Have two more beautiful words every been uttered????? Super and Target. Just say it. Super Target. Kinda gives ya chills doesn't it?? We ended up seeing Flightplan which I enjoyed big time. I had figured out one of the bad people pretty much from the beginning but the whole plot line was really kinda cool. We hung out in the BR for the bulk of the day and then headed on home. Overall, a really enjoyable day. Complete with Super Target. He must really love him some me. I also got a cool anniversary present - a new digital camera that is so tiny and light. I love it. Right in time to take an obnoxious amount of pictures of my step daughter being crowned Homecoming Queen on Friday. Love it.

OK, brace y'allselves. The in-laws are gone. Exxxxxxxxxhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeee. As previous written about to death, it's not the FIL who bugs me. He can stay until his final breath. It's the MIL. I was just so glad to have my home back. So. Very. Glad. I celebrated by cooking my husband breakfast the last two days and I am cooking dinner tonight. Like in the kitchen. With like ingredients and stuff. And pots and pans and like non-microwaveable food stuffs. Be proud, y'all. Be VERY proud.

Well, I still have stuff to do. I washed my gross car and steam cleaned the carpets all over the house so far. I gotta get out in that yard and pull weeds and get all that old mulch out of there because since the winds and rain kinda mucked up the yard. We pulled out the little bush that was all kinds of messed up and I did a whole crapload of weeding since the yard went a total of 4 weeks with no attention. It weren't PURTY, mmmmkay??? Therefore, we are planting some pretty fall flowers and fixing the yard so that I can drive up to it and not go "Ick." So, I'm off like a dirty shirt. (I will bake my bad ass chocolate chip cookies and ship them to anyone who can name what movie that line was from and who said it.)

Happy anniversary, you big annoying hairy man. I luvs ya.

Elizabeth at 2:54 PM



at 6:17 PM Blogger Kami said...

Happy Anniversary! I still can't believe I've made it five years!

I too live Super Target. Well, any Target is just fine with me!

at 7:23 AM Anonymous Lisa said...

HA! Thats from Pretty In Pink!! Duckie!

at 7:24 AM Anonymous Lisa said...

Ooops, and Happy Anniversary!

at 9:20 AM Blogger Cherry said...

Wow, from the way you write about it, you'd think you and your hubby have been together longer!! :) You guys just seem really comfortable around eachother.

at 9:44 AM Blogger Southern Fried Girl said...

Lisa wins. Email me your address and cookies will be forthcoming.

at 11:23 AM Blogger Kitty said...

Happy Anniversary SFG and SFHubby!

Here, we have yet to experience having a "Super Target" - if we did we'd call it "Target de Supreme" (pronounced "targhaaay day suprem").

Midwesterners. Sheesh.

Glad to see you're happy and home :).

at 7:20 PM Blogger Annejelynn said...

#1 - Happy Anniversary

and secondly, if I could win a shopping spree from ANYWHERE of MY choice, it'd be Super Target.


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