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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Stolen from Holy Schmidt

Grooming Products:
Shampoo - Pantene - Sleek and Silky or something like that
Perfume - if I wear it, it's Dazzling Silver but I mainly wear Bath and Body Works body sprays - currently my favorite is Black Raspberry Vanilla
Lotions and potions - either the mate of the body spray I am using or Vaseline Intensive Care because it works well and has no scent
Toothpaste - whatever is on sale and is a gel

Cell phone - Samsung flip phone - no clue model
Computer - HP something or other with a bad ass Gateway flat panel monitor that I heart very much
Stereo - Random stereo

Sheets - They match my comforter - that's all I know people
Coffee maker - no clue - I hate coffee
Cars - 2003 Pontiac Sunfire that I heart even though I really want one of those new Pontiac G6. Those just look purty.
Stationery - E-mail

Pizza - Pepperoni and extra cheese. Pizza Hut Pepperoni Lovers if I can really be choosy. Too bad the Pizza Huts down here are all ghettofied and gross so I settle for Papa Johns.
Thai Food - Um, ew
Mexican food - Enchiladas
Grill - Burgers and steak. Oh, also love hot dogs on the grill. Yep, I am white trash
Burgers - Port o' call. Place here on Esplanade that makes the absolute best burgers I have ever had in my life. See, now I'm hungry
Breakfast - French toast, bacon (crispy) and some yummy biscuits with butter, not margarine. Ew.

Soda - Coke, coke and more coke.
Bottled water - Dasani
Coffee - None please
Alcohol/Liqour - Margaritas and Rolling Rock

Clothes/Jeans - Whatever fits, is relatively inexpensive and looks half decent.
Favorite Places - home, Target, any and all book stores, and the kitchen table at my Dad's house while he is baking

Necessary Extravagance:
Not sure this is really an extravagence but I am a magazine WHORE and read probably 10 to 15 a month. I just love them.

Elizabeth at 5:35 PM



at 7:23 PM Blogger Nap Queen said...

Okay, all I got from that is "I hate coffee." Say it isn't so!!! Seriously, you're probably way healthier than all us addicts.

at 8:57 PM Blogger Football Widow said...

I am the same way about magazines! My attention span is too short for books so I stick to the magazines.

at 9:03 PM Blogger Pissy Britches said...

I heart magazines.
I REALLY REALLY heart them.
I wish I had a flat panel monitor to heart.

at 10:52 AM Blogger Cherry said...

Damn, reading your food section is making me starving!! MMMmmmM!

I love US Weekly. I should just get a subscription. I could go bankrupt with magazine subscriptions. :)

Oh, and I'm stealing this.


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