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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Stuff Portrait Friday - a day late and done my own way

I am not a huge Halloween decoration person but I do have fall type stuff out and up and in the yard so that is what I am putting on here. I also did not canvas the neighborhood for their decor because frankly I just didn't wanna. So here goes.

This is my Fall table. I got all this shit from Kohl's and have still not come to terms that in order for me to go back to Kohl's I gotta drive 3 hours to Jackson. That just fires my ass up.

This is what you see when you first walk in my front door. I love this little wall hanging. So very cute.

Now we are outside. This is my front door. Please note the absence of a storm door. I love to have my door open and let some light in but I can't do that since we have no storm door. Of course, this is, in no way, a reflection on my husband. OF COURSE NOT. (We won't go into the slats in the blinds that need to be taken out.)

This is just to the right of the front door. I got this little stick in the ground thing because it was cute and only $5.99. I love a good bargain. :) The flowers just chilling there on the bricks need to be planted because the one behind them kicked the bucket. Don't think we got that poor thing into the ground soon enough. Poor thing. :(

This is farther on the right in the same patch of planting area. I love this sad little scarecrow. Check out the dress. So cute. I know, I'm a dork.

Last but not least, this is my big living room window. I have these two pumpkins peeking out. I love them because they required no carving. The picture did not turn out too spiff but the one on the left is really cute. Nasty mean face. I love it.

Well, there y'all have it. SPF a day late and done my way. Hope you enjoy.

PS - on a totally unrelated topic, "American Psycho" is on and I have a sick fascination with this movie. Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that Christian Bale is in it and he is beyond fine.

PPS - on another unrelated topic, I have the house to myself until tomorrow. The noise you hear is me doing the dance of glee.

Elizabeth at 10:08 AM



at 11:36 AM Blogger ZuphChic said...

I know! I miss Kohl's SO much. Back in Cincinnati, I had TWO within 20 minutes of my house. Now I have to drive to Denver (6+ hours) if I want to get me some good deals. Not one flippin' Kohl's in all of New Mexico. It's an OUTRAGE!

*Ranting over*

I like your fall decorations though...

at 12:13 PM Blogger Pissy Britches said...

The pics are very cute. You creative lil bitches kill me. My front porch has NOTHING.
We have Kohl's here..lots of them..they are pretty new though.

at 7:21 PM Blogger Nap Queen said...

Love the decorations! Also love C. Bale. He is H-O-T hot. Have you seen The Machinist? He lost some insane amount of weight for it. Hmmmm, maybe I should go rent it...

at 6:17 PM Blogger rpm said...

I have that same Savannah statute that's in your flower bed that's like a bird feeder. I love her!!

I love magazines too. I had to cut down on my subscriptions because I was spending a lot of money on them.

which ones do you subscribe to?

at 10:48 AM Blogger Cherry said...

First of all, your halloween decorations are the cutest!! :)

And secondly, I could not LIVE without a Kohls. Love that place.


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