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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Weekend update

Friday night the hubby, the niece and I went to the step-daughter's game to watch her dance. Of course, Fisher (her school) got their ass handed to them by Bonnabel. God love 'em. Came home, promptly crashed after watching some of "Amityville Horror" and doing laundry. Saturday I was up early and in full Bree Van De Kamp mode - I baked a double batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies, banana bread and brownies (which were out of a box but damn good). Then I finished the laundry I had started on Friday night. I cleaned the entire house, cleaned my funky body, set up the buffet stuff for the BBQ we were having later that day in celebration of the birthdays we missed due to Katrina. Those were my husband's, our friends twin boys, and of course, Gage. We did not have a massive get together - just our friends, Kenny and Lynn and their three children, the inlaws, the niece (the other niece was in MS with her friend), my mom, her man of the moment, his son (oh yeah, my mom's boyfriend has a six year old son - let's do the math there, shall we?), husband's children and a few other stragglers. The day overall was very nice. The husband enjoyed his gifts and watching the LSU game and grilling dogs and burgers, etc. Then the shit hit the proverbial fan. As I have written in previous posts, our relationship with the kids has been touch and go. Never horrible but they just sorta decided a few years back that they had little need for us that was not financial and we were sorta cut out. Only in recent months has this begun to turn around. So we are enjoying seeing them and the time that we get with them is cool. So last night, after daughter got off work, she and her brother, and the mother's boyfriends son (yep, please read that again) and some other relative of the mother's boyfriend's son came over. Um, can you say not FUCKING INVITED? However, being the peace loving stupid fucks we are, we let it go. Let me sum up, OK? The relative that was never introduced to us, never spoke to us, never said thank you for having me over, proceeded to do the following:

1. Helped himself to the food including but not limited to diving into my fridge, opening up the cookies and brownies to get him some, etc.

2. Disrupting the LSU game several times with his antics. (Short of disrupting a Steelers game, you do NOT disrupt an LSU game unless you have some very interesting stat to share or you are fixin' to rag on the other teams mamas.)

3. Cursing in front of my friends' children - found that out today.

4. BREAKING THE NAPKIN RING THAT I JUST FUCKING BOUGHT IN DA BURGH AND THEN RIGGING IT TO LOOK LIKE IT WAS NOT BROKEN. (Despite the caps, it was not that he broke it. He is 12 - shit gets broken, ok? I mean, I am not a tyrant. But come up to me and say "Miss Liz, I broke this and I'm sorry. I would have let it the fuck go, but to hide it and never say a word????? UM, NO)

5. He then burst into MY BEDROOM where my niece and Jessica (friend's daughter) were playing a board game on my bed and proceeded to push his way onto their game. Nothing fires me up more than someone treating my company like shit.

6. Picking up my cell phone, finding out upon asking that it was MY cell phone and then digging into my menu, settings and address book. WHAT THE FUCK???

7. Never once saying "May I please....??? Hi, my name is..... or my favorite "Thank you for having me....

8. He was incredibly rude and just nuts in general and he made me use the F word in front of my friends' children.

So now of course, this entails us having to discuss this rude fuck with the ex-wife. My very fave person in the world. She will try to turn this back on us and make us look like shit and she may or may not be successful at that. You know what? I could not give less of a shit. The kids need to start thinking for their damn selves and if she runs us down, I would hope that they would know what is crap and what is the truth. We think they are actually beginning to figure out that we are not the ogres that the mother/bitch has undoubtedly made us out to be.

Fast forward to today. The niece wanted Jessica to spend the night which was no problem. I mean they were having a BALL so why stop the fun, ya know? So they stayed up til all hours (I heard nothing - ear plugs ROCK) and today we went out to breakfast and then to Target. The girls were acting like goobs and giggling like idiots which was so cute. I remember being that carefree - when everything was funny and I just laughed so hard with my friends that my belly hurt. So they seemed to enjoy themselves which is great. The niece's sister was not here so it was good that the girls had each other to keep company, ya know? Overall, with the exception of that nightmare rude ass child, the weekend was good. The husband and I still managed to have no sex, but then that is married life, right? I mean, it used to be just me that was tired all the time but since we came home, he is worn out too. Working like a dog will do that to ya. So now we are an old married couple. It is only a matter of time that we will be sitting at Denny's for the early bird special not speaking like old couples. When that occurs, just shoot me, will ya?

Elizabeth at 8:37 PM



at 9:27 AM Blogger Cherry said...

Boy, you have patience, girl. Why did the relative do all that crap?!! How rude. You handled it very gracefully, though. :)

at 8:26 PM Blogger MsPerdie said...

It's a shame that such a young boy acts like that. At one point, he's old enough to know better, but at the same time, the ex should have put him in his place. Glad you handled it so well.


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