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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Keep on keepin' on

I am just tired tonight so I doubt this will be very long. I am making my way through this online class pretty well. I find chunks of time here and there and it seems like I am making at least some progress. Of course learning this stuff will just make the crap I know for trivia games more ridiculous. Like I will pull answers out of my ass from shit I learned in 9th grade. It annoys the shit out of my husband. When we discussed me doing this class, I said "OK, but don't get pissed off when one night we are playing Trivial Pursuit and I pull the Greek root word for liver out of my ass."

The days literally fly by. I mean, how on EARTH did I get anything done when I worked 8:30 to 5? Ya know how, on weekends. I ran like a maniac all damn weekend doing this and that and really not relaxing. Luckily the husband has been able to modify his schedule that he makes his off time on weekends so I am going to try to do the same. If it means I have to run like a maniac all week doing everything so I can TRULY do very little on weekends, then so be it. :)

The materials for the class came today and I have not really gone through them too much. I am glad they made it to me though. The medical dictionary alone is fabulous to have. It just occurred to me how much that prior statement lets y'all in on just how much of a fucking nerd I am.

Visited the in-laws yesterday. They are all set up in their trailer from FEMA. It is SMALL. Man alive. Husband and I would be falling over each other for sure. I need some space. However, it's a place to live and that is what matters, ya know? The FIL is not doing so hot. He is still in pain and the doctor just seems not to be too concerned. I mean, he has been on Vicodin for about a year and a half and has now built up such a resistance that it just is not working anymore. I am thinking something needs to be done. I mean, maybe I am a tad bit of a control freak but if that was my husband, I would be all up in that doctor's face like "Um, have you seen how cute and tiny my little husband is? Him being in pain is UNACCEPTABLE. Remove it or medicate it pronto. Now go back to golfing." I mean, doctors are probably saying things to her (the MIL) that are important or unclear and she is not asking questions or getting clarification on issues. That ain't gonna work, dear. I am sorta pushing the husband to either go to the doctor with his dad or let me go. I just want him to be ok. I have watched a rather strong man who used to work on a tug boat as a captain just deteriorate and that, my dear friends, is not cool. There is something to be said for quality of life and his is seriously lacking.

I need sleep. I was up late last night working on some school stuff and was awake later than I normally am so tonight I am back to being a grandma and tired at 10 PM. What a wild woman. Somebody really has to stop me.

PS - we have a new tenant, Dusty, the in-laws cat. He is going to live with us for a while and the other felines are NOT pleased. It's pretty damn funny actually. Good night, y'all.

Elizabeth at 10:59 PM



at 1:27 AM Anonymous asterismos said...

I have been reading your blog for several months now and enjoy it immensely. I am a stay-at-home mom of two and am very interested in enrollment information for the online medical transciption class you are participating in. I am just nerdy enough to think medical dictionaries are fabulous as well.

I would be grateful if you would contact me via email.

(please remove the -nospam from the above email address to ensure proper delivery)

at 1:30 AM Anonymous asterismos said...

correction- i misspelled the email address in my previous comment


(please remove the -nospam from the above email address to ensure proper delivery)

at 7:56 AM Blogger Danielle said...

hey homey
sounds like your doin okay
hang in there
miss ya
catchya on line

at 8:42 AM Blogger Lisa said...

I dream of being able to work from home, but since thats just not going to happen, I'm counting down until retirement (13 years).

Today is one of those crazy days that you speak of. I'm exhausted already and I'm just getting started.

Good luck with the medical transcription! Sounds like a great opportunity!

at 10:15 AM Blogger Pissy Britches said...

Good luck with your class and all dat shit.
Glad the in laws are set up in their new temp. home...

at 1:21 PM Blogger Nap Queen said...

Good luck with the school stuff. I took a bunch of anatomy classes because I find medical crap so fascinating. Are you going to be transcribing doctor's dictation? Sorry, I'm clueless.

at 3:30 PM Blogger Territorial said...

The dictionary is exciting huh? I loved the those little cards they gave with all the words..I took them around in my purse so I could study whenever! YUP...UBER GEEK here!


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