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Thursday, November 17, 2005

SPF - something that represents my present

Originally uploaded by alexiecfo.
This is my humble abode. I know this sounds lame but this really truly represents my present right now. My husband and I went through hell and back trying to get our home and I truly love it. I spend an INORDINATE amount of time trying to make it just how I want it - beautiful but cozy and inviting. My focus is very much on making this a nest for my family. I love how it looks from the outside. I love how it feels on the inside. I can't wait to fill up the nest with little birdies. :)

Elizabeth at 10:53 PM



at 11:09 PM Blogger Kelly said...

Very nice!

at 7:36 AM Blogger Danielle said...

your house is so nice gurl!

at 10:17 AM Blogger Kelly said...

To answer your question, I live in Tustin (the OC) I grew up in Central California, and my Mom is from a small town outside Greenville Mississippi. My cousin lives in Hattiesburg! So, we sorta have some things in common LOL! ;)

at 10:27 AM Blogger Nap Queen said...

CUTE house. I feel that way about our house. It's definitely my present.

at 11:02 AM Anonymous Sharkey said...

I love your house! Very cute! And so glad it's still standing after all you've been through.

at 2:20 PM Blogger Random and Odd said...

You are going to make one kick ass mommy bird!


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