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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hair bitch

I am not sure at what point my saying "I would like between and inch to an inch and a half off with the layers that I currently have just shortened accordingly. Also please take out some of the bulk since my hair is rather thick" became "Give me a fucking mullet." But apparently that was what my words translated into. I am so not pleased.

Elizabeth at 12:35 PM



at 1:09 PM Blogger Dante said...

obviously you ended up with a haircut that you did not wish for, but perhaps you could try styling it differently and go for a new look. take this "mistake" and turn it into something fabulous. ya never know. perhaps you will find a new look that people will go gaga over, and you'll be the talk of the town!


at 1:16 PM Blogger Tee said...

hee hee hee... no pics, huh? ;)

I'd say something nice like, "I'm sure it's not that bad" or "It'll grow out"... but the very same thing happend to me months ago and those comments only enrage you more. LOL.

I say SUE! Sue them!! Don't forget to tack on emotional pain and suffering...

Ok, this will make you feel better. It can't be as bad as mine was: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.

at 2:23 PM Blogger Tammy said...

Oh. Fuck.

Take that bitches scissors and shove them up her ass.

Also, please post a pic. Of your hair. Not of the scissors up her ass.

at 2:54 PM Blogger Mama Duck said...

Jesus. Why is it that NO HAIRDRESSERS can measure and inch?!?!?!

at 3:24 PM Blogger Nap Queen said...

I have left 2 different hair dressers because I said "Just a trim" and I walked out with 3 inches cut off! LEARN TO MEASURE PEOPLE! WE DON'T WANT MULLETS OR DOROTHY HAMMELLS! Sorry about your hair :(

at 4:18 PM Blogger MilkMaid said...

THIS is why I quit that business years and years ago.

Hee heee...really, it's the truth!

Sorry bout the cut, it does grow back eventually. In the meantime, be brave, and give us pictures, k? ;)

at 5:00 PM Blogger Lazy Lightning said...

I have gotten the mullet 'do TWICE when I have asked for my shoulder-length, layered haircut shortened/trimmed. At two different salons, in two different states.

Just weeks ago I lost $20 bucks on a haircut because the bitch was so afraid to cut any length in the back, she just shortened the front. I went to a different place to get it fixed because I refuse to go back and ask them to fix it free- last time I did that, the same hairdresser to fucked it up tried to fix it and just made it even MORE of a mullet. ("Make it shorter? Oh, you mean 'more mullet' I guess.")

at 7:15 PM Blogger Football Widow said...

Must see a picture of this mullet. Want me to come kick her ass?


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