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Saturday, January 07, 2006

50 Book Challenge 2006

I decided to try this - read 50 books in 2006. I am not counting this one fitness book I actually started on December 30 or something because I am just a stickler for the rules. And dem's da rules.

Anyway, Book One was "S is for Silence" by Sue Grafton. She writes what I call the alphabet series - A is for this, B is for that. She is up to S. When she hits Z, I swear she best start over because I will cry big boo hoo tears. As I have mentioned and y'all may have noticed, I am a tad, shall we say, thrifty. I think $25-$30 for a hardcover book is just sick. I tend to wait for paperback or at least until I can get it for cheaper on Amazon. There are a couple authors for whom I can't wait. Sue Grafton is one of them. She puts out maybe a book a year. KILLING ME. Anyways, she is fabulous and I highly recommend. The books can be read in order but they can just as easily be read out of order. They definitely stand on their own.

This book was about the same character she always writes about, Kinsey Milhone. Kinsey is a private detective who lives a rather solitary existence, but somehow always manages to find the coolest cases on which to work. This one was no different. She was hired by the daughter of a woman who just up and disappeared some thirty-four years earlier. Basically the daughter wants to know if her mom is dead or did just, in fact, take off. I won't spoil the ending for you. This is a book I highly recommend. I can't wait for T is for whatever. She needs to write faster.

Elizabeth at 10:12 PM



at 10:26 PM Blogger Tammy said...

Sounds good. I think I read the "D" book, but that's the only one I've read. I used to love Mary Higgins Clark, but I've read all of hers except the very new ones.

I am currently addicted to Jude Devereaux and Fern Michaels. Damn, where can I get more time to read?!?!

at 2:03 AM Anonymous Katherine said...

I don't think I've ever commented before - I love your blog! I don't know how I came across it - I think it was during Katrina b/c I was reading a lot of blogs from that area getting a real view of what was going on. Anyway, I was compelled to comment because I"m reading the S is for Silence book right now - curled up in bed all day reading it - I'm glad you dind't give a spoiler! She is also one of the authors I always buy right away (i got to Sam's so it was about $18) - I also like James Patterson - anything he writes in the Alex Delaware series is awesome! Keep up the good work!

at 4:32 AM Blogger The Recovering Straight Girl said...

I am going to join you for this challenge! I'm going to add a link to my sidebar and start TODAY!

Great idea!

at 9:57 AM Blogger Kami said...

Well shit. I just don't think I can fit this in, after scrapbooking, blogging, watching Y&R, chasing my kid, and eating popcorn. Damn. But, you go on with your badself. I'll read my gossip rags, though. :)

Check this out:


at 6:46 PM Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Sue Grafton is an excellent writer—and if I remember correctly, she is originally from Louisville.

at 8:29 AM Blogger Danielle said...

gone with your bad self, i hate reading!

at 9:56 AM Blogger Spikey1 said...

Books??? Is that like "Goodnight Moon" ?


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