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Thursday, January 26, 2006

He is such an asshole

Bush can not answer a question straight to save his damn life.

Reporter Question: The administration has rejected a local plan to rebuild New Orleans and your administrator down there Don Powell said that the focus for federal money should be to rebuild for those 20,000 homeowners who are outside the flood plain. Critics, local officials say that ignores so many people in New Orleans -- the poorest of the poor, the hardest-hit areas, people who didn't have flood insurance and didn't expect the levees to break. They feel, sir, that this is a certain betrayal of your promise that New Orleans would rise again. So, why did you reject it and do you think the people of New Orleans have to expect that there is a limit to which the city can be rebuilt?

President George W. Bush's Response:

"Congress has appropriated $85 billion to rebuild the Gulf Coast. And that is a good start, it's a strong start. It's a significant committment to the people who's lives were turned upside down by that hurricane.

Secondly, we have said that we look forward to a time when each state has developed its recovery plan. Early on in the process we said it's important for Miss. to come forward with a state recovery plan.

It's important for New Orleans and the state of Louisiana to work together to develop a state recovery plan. And, the reason I said that, is because I was aware that folks in Congress will want to spend money based upon a specific strategy. We have to get comfortable with how to proceed.

The plan for Louisiana hasn't come forward yet. And I urge the officials -- both state and city -- to work together so we can get a sense for -- how they're going to proceed.

Having said that, I recognize that there were some early things we needed to do to instill confidence.

One of them was to say that we would make the levees stronger and better than before and study further strengthening of the levees.

I recognize that people needed to be able to say, 'Well gosh, we can't even get started until we got a committment from the federal government on the levees.'

Alot of the money we're spending is prescribed by law. But we also went a step further and prosposed to Congress -- and they accepted -- CBG (Community Block Grants) money so the monies can go directly to individual families that need help.

We'll continue to work with the folks down there. But I want to remind people in that part of the world that $85 billion is a lot.

And secondly, we were concerned about creating additional federal bureaucracies which might make it harder to get money to the people."

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at 5:43 PM Blogger Kami said...


I can't wait for the SOTU.

What a jackass.


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