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Monday, January 16, 2006

My head still hurts

That game yesterday just took it all out of me. As initially reported, I was cautiously optimistic. I knew that this was not the same team that played Indy in late November. Ben was back at 100% and we had no key injuries really to speak of. However, when they ran down the field like NOBODY'S BUSINESS and scored in their opening drive, I was like "That's what I'm talking about." I won't rehash the whole game but this is one of the first games in which I have seen Peyton just not get it. Sportscasters and fans talk about this dude like he is some football deity. He is human people. When he has no coverage and no time to stay in the pocket and make sound decisions, shit ain't gonna go well. However, I do have to say that his comments in the press conference after the game were shitty at best. Terry Bradshaw (one of the few men I would leave the husband for - and the only bald one) took Peyton to task and admonished him ON THE AIR about the comments he made. There's no I in team, Peyton. Get over yourself.

Also, that fucking call on Polamalu's interception. If his knee hit the ground before he tried to take off running with it, fine. BUT, that means he was down. The interception was still good. This fucknut (Porelli - the official) took the whole play back. I was so fucking pissed. They basically handed the fucking game back to Indy. Like "Here is a present - don't fuck it up." Thank God they did. And my boy. My sweet boy, Bettis, just about lost the game for us. I was just at a loss for words. I could not sit. I just stood there sorta changing my weight from foot to foot willing the time on the clock to go down to zero. I was a damn wreck, I swear. I think they are all trying to give my ulcers. As indicated above, my head is still aching from the screaming probably. I don't know why I do this to myself.

Wait yes I do. I love me some football. Can't wait until next weekend. I'll just have a puke bucket at the ready.

Elizabeth at 10:31 AM



at 1:06 PM Blogger Charm Bracelet said...

I'm right there with you. I was physically ill during the last quarter, it felt like a had a Charley Horse in my heart. I couldn't get up from the sofa, it took a while to get over it all--and THEY WON!!

Man, can you imagine what next week will be like? The 6th seed has already defeated the 1st and 3rd seeds, and all that's left is the second seed.

Even though it will go down in the books as a fumble, I don't think it really "counts" since the other guy's helmet is what knocked the ball out of J's hands. He didn't really lose it himself. What a recovery, though!

I can't take many more like that. But, I hope we see them win two more games this season.

at 1:45 PM Blogger Spikey1 said...

It was an awesome game! Steelers Rock! Lets not forget kids how Ben saved the game with that last second tackle on the run back!

at 2:58 PM Blogger Tammy said...

Since my Cowboys are not good this year, I guess I will jump on your Steeler bandwagon!

at 8:26 PM Blogger Renee said...

I am not much into football but damn I was having a mini stroke at the end of the game. It was actually pretty exciting. I think I may tru to "get into" football now.:-)Now if I could just get the hubby watching it too, did I really just say that?!lol


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