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Monday, March 13, 2006

Book #10 - Suburbanistas by Pamela Redmond Satran

I loved this book too. I have done really well picking out reading material lately and have yet to be disappointed. This book was about how two childhood friends grew apart when one becomes a major star and the other stayed behind in their childhood town to become a housewife and mother to 4 children. I won't go into details as to how they got back in to each other's lives or what all transpires but it's great. Quick read and I enjoyed every page.
So I think we are finally going to bid adieu to Dusty, the gray cat I have featured here in the Hustler Kitty pose. Apparently MIL's house just about completed and she wants her cat back. Not a problem, bitch. Come get him. I DARE YOU. This weekend was quiet. Saturday the husband worked and I ended up taking the longest nap ever thereby wasting any time I had to work. Sunday the husband finally came home and promptly had to step and fetch to bring her highness (MIL) her ridiculously overpriced dining set. Why the ex-convict piece of shit son in law could not come get it is beyond me. Oh wait, that's right. Get this. The daughter (my husband's step sister) ups and quits her job like over a month ago. The husband was STILL IN JAIL. Yeah, he is JUST out of prison. And she waited for his dumb ass. Well, maybe that makes her the dumbass. Anyways, he could not come get it because he is in ARUBA working. Apparently he got the job back he had prior to his unfortunate incarceration. Shocking but awfully understanding of his boss, I thought. So basically she is sitting on her ass collecting his checks while he is trolling around Aruba probably aiding and abetting the people who killed the Holloway chick.
Anyways, today I find out that the husband will not be home until Saturday morning. Some of y'all might be like "FUCKIN RIGHT!!!" However, that is a tad too long. I am used to two and three day stints at the station but 5? Good God. Let's hope the bad ass paychecks are big enough that it outweighs feeling like a single mother to the menagerie of animals. Granted he is up the road but I am in the fucking mood to be overly dramatic so just indulge me, would you please?
So I'm walking through Barnes and Noble the other day and this book catches my eye - "Bitter is the New Black." Loved the title so I pick it up and read the back. I file its location away in my head so I would remember to grab it on my way out. I ended up finding another book in the back but still wanted this one so I stop by the table where it was and that is when I see it. The author's name is my cousin's name. I about shit. I was like "Um, is there something she was keeping from me?" Aside from cousins, we are super good friends so I thought I'd be in on this particular portion of her life. Alas, just a chick with the same name. However, you know my ass had to buy the book, take a picture of it, and send it off to said cuz. I was like "Something you need to tell me?" She and the hubs got a good laugh out of it.
Random thought - I believe I at least bruised, if not outright broke, one of those little bones in my foot - metatarsal I think. (One would think I would know that considering how much time I spent learning this shit, but nope, it escapes me right now.) I was going into the guest bath to pee and for whatever reason my left foot apparently took a wide angle going into the room and I kicked the living shit out of the door with my three middle toes. So straight up from my middle toe, it hurts like a muthah when I walk or go up on tiptoes to get something out of the cabinet. And I'm a towering girl of 5'4" so I am up on toes A LOT. I quite possibly said "FUCK" really loud when I kicked the door. Just maybe.
Saw that new show tonight with Julia Louis Dreyfuss called the something or other of old Christine. Pretty damn funny, I gotta say. I do believe I'll be tuning in again.
Yes, my life is that boring. Shut UP.
OK, so I am off to bed I guess to read my cousin's memoir or something. Let's hope there is a good flick on tv because I am not so much tired. Being that we are dead ass poor right now, can't do any online shopping. Damn it. I had the chance to marry for money and chose love. Don't mock me. Y'all might shop in better places than me, but I won't want to put an axe in the husband's head in 10 years. At least I hope not. If I do, then this love thing is highly overrated. :)

Elizabeth at 9:10 PM



at 11:04 PM Blogger Tammy said...

Holy crap. You read way too fast. It takes me weeks to read a book.

at 12:35 AM Blogger Kami said...

I think the third marriage is for money.

I love to shop online. LOVE IT.

Sorry about your toe. And can't you just dump that MIL now?


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