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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Book 12 - The Great American Stay-at-Home Wives Conspiracy by Dan Merchant and B. Scott Taylor

I am going to go out on a limb and say these are not their real names.

I got this book from the library on a trip there with the hubs on Thursday. The title caught me and I thought it might be.....well, funny. Turns out that this dude is either (a) seriously on to something or (b) a complete nut job. It all starts out when the main character, we shall call him Hubs, is at the country club pool with is 4 children and he overhears conversations flying about between the Botoxed, liposucked, spray tanned housewives that are lining the perimeter of the pool in lounge chairs. Rough life, yes? It is almost like they don't even realize he is there because he becomes privy to the fact that these women are making a sport out of sucking the life and money out of their husbands. It sounds bad but seriously, this shit was slightly amusing. Being that this man is only in his 30s and retired because he sold his dot com company for some sick amount, he makes it his mission to find out just how pervasive this housewife mafia is and who its leader is.
The book started out pretty funny. It was hilarious to hear how this dude's wife manipulated the shit out of him and how he became aware of it without her realizing that he no longer had his head up his own ass. Then, after a while, he sorta started to sound a bit like a raving lunatic. He did try to bring a few of his male friends over to his side of the fence, but they knew on which side their bread was buttered and smartly shied away from it all. I only recommend this book if you have a good sense of humor. If you are a SAHM and can't see that most of this book is very tongue-in-cheek, then it will piss you the fuck off. However, if you like hearing how a man's mind works (he is alarmingly candid about his, um, masturbatory practices) then it is pretty fun to read.

Elizabeth at 1:24 PM



at 2:45 PM Blogger MommyOutOfControl said...

Hmmmm veeerrrry interesting. I may have to steal your book review idea...do you mind? My friends/mom are always asking for book ideas cuz I read so many novels, but once I read it and am on to a new one it is hard to remember details. I can say, ummm yah it was good/great/ok, or whatever but if they want nitty gritty they gotta catch me before I am knee deep in the next one. I just started Carolina Isle at 3am cuz I was an insomniac...already on page 230. It's a keeper!

at 11:03 PM Blogger JD's Rose said...

Ok, I am going to have to get a copy for when I am a SAHM.

at 8:58 AM Blogger Mainline Mom said...

Sounds like it could be funny. Possibly written by two women with male pen names? Eh...some women are pretty manipulative and so forth.


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