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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Book #8 - The 5th Horseman by James Patterson and movie update

As I have said a couple of hundred times, James P is one of my all time favorites. He has had a couple misses here and there (think The Jester) but he is about 95% aces. Not bad, huh? This book did not disappoint. I am a fan of the series of which this book is the fifth. It is the Women's Murder Club series made of 4 professional women who, on their own time, occasionaly combine forces and information to solve crimes in the San Francisco area. I won't spoil this book for those of you who've yet to read it. I will just highly recommend it.

Recent movies seen via Netflix and the actual movies:

Finally went to to see the remake of When A Stranger Calls and sorry to the critics that hated, but I loved it. I vaguely remember the old movie and there were a couple key changes but overall I was freaked the fuck out. I consider that a triumph. However, if you are one of those sticklers who gotta be true to the original, then maybe pass it by. It was definitely better than Final Destination 3. Shut up, I like scary movies. Even if the plots are sorta........lame.

The Manchurian Candidate - also a remake of the original - starring Denzel "Mmmmmrrroooaarrr" Washington and Meryl Streep in a very realistic portrayal of a politician who will sell out anything she has. I was pretty much riveted the whole time. I have never seen the movie from the 60s (I believe it was the 60s) but this one was great.

De-Lovely - the story of Cole Porter. I was a tad wary of this one but I was very pleasantly surprised. I watched it late last night after working my fingers to the bone. (I have chubby sausage like fingers so believe me, that was a lot of work.) It was fantastic. Kevin Kline played Cole and Ashley Judd played his wife, Linda. I had no idea that Cole Porter was a homosexual. Even though he was married, I would not say he was bisexual. He was clearly a man who preferred other men. I do think he loved his wife very much though. It was very well done, very clever in how the movie was put together. If you have even the smallest appreciation of music that you will NOT hear on the radio, I say give it a whirl. Even if you just want to see a movie about an actual story. No boobies, no car chases, no blood, no guts. Just great acting and great story telling.

Wimbledon. Just cut my eyes out right now. Enough said.

Well, being that I worked the aforementioned Jimmy Dean fingers to the bone, I am taking today off. I shall watch Guiding Light in about 30 minutes and then I am cleaning the house. Not really an off day is it? Well, apparently that is an off day for most women - exchanging one form of work for another. Ordinarily I don't mind, but today the hormones, they are a-ragin' and I am Bitchy McBitch and am having a big "I'm tired" pity party. Just me and the Pooper. It's rough being us. ;)

Elizabeth at 2:20 PM



at 4:31 PM Blogger Tammy said...

I'm McBitchy too. Aunt Flo's pre-visit is here. And, I'm out of happy pills. Which reminds me - I should be on Walgreens.com, not blogging!

at 5:18 PM Blogger Kami said...

I loved Manchurian Candidate. Hey, that boy in Wimbledon was CUTE. Hey, add me as a Netflix friend. E-mail me.

at 10:30 AM Anonymous Katherine said...

I'm reading the 5th horseman right now - almost done and glad you didn't spoil it! I love James P's books!!!

The McGridle stories crack me rolling - keep them coming. Maybe one of these days I'll get around to setting up a blog - I really enjoy yours!

at 10:33 AM Anonymous Katherine said...

Ok, I'm a compelte DUMB ASS - Obviously I got confused about the McGridle comment and was referring to another blog I think I found via yours (Mean Coffee). But I do love your blog. Its too early and I'm multi-tasking and pretending to work! Again, sorry I'm so clueless!


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