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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Friday fun and Saturday is quiet

So yesterday the hubs leaves for work at like 5:30. Could I go back to sleep? Uh no. So I get up and the first thing I do every morning is check the bank account online. I go see what cleared since the day before to keep tabs on shit because Lord knows I can make an accounting mistake and then we are all NSF and shit and that ain't cool. So I go check it out and the tax refund is in there. SCORE!!! I call the hubs to let him know and that I will be doing a combo of dancing out of sheer joy and writing out 9,000 checks for the next hour or so. Actually, me and the Pooper went on a walk first. Then I came home and wore a pen right out of ink. Damn, I paid some shit. The stack that went into the mailbox was large. Not to mention the crap I paid online. It's a good feeling though. Granted, I would have so rather taken that cash and plunked it down on a nice down payment for a truck for the hubs but this was necessary so I gotta let that go, ya know? We also padded the savings a bit and put the money aside for the attorney for the whole child support reduction thing. Only 2 months til we are outta that shit - not that I am counting. Of course we still gotta pay for the boy but whatever - I'll take what I can get.
Then I ran out to wash my car that was so dirty that it was no longer white. Yeah, not good. Picked up some new tennis shoes for both the hubs and me and then came home to watch Laguna Beach, Disk 2 of Season 1.

Don't judge me.

Once he got home, we went to grab a very late lunch and then went to go see a matinee. We chose Inside Man because it had a great cast and looked pretty damn good. It did not disappoint. I'll pretty much watch Denzel do anything - like reading the ingredient list in my favorite household cleaning product. I could not give less of a shit. He's in it - I go see it. Jodie Foster was great as always. A total bitch on wheels but she did it well. Overall, a fab flick and I highly recommend. We were out and home early - way before the teeny boppers flocked to the show. Really, the teenagers do not bother me so much as the people who feel the need to bring 4 month olds to the movies. OK, sweetheart? This is a movie. It's probably loud and Baby is not gonna like the noise and the not being able to move so perhaps it is not the best idea to bring them to the fucking show. Ya feelin' me? Stupid ass. We came home and chilled out before making it an early night.
Now today I have to work which sucks major donkey dick but shit, I had an off day yesterday that was not supposed to be an off day so I can't bitch too much, right? I will anyway - in my head - but whatever.

So y'all have a lurvely weekend. I'll be here slaving. Or something. After my walk with the Pooper.

Elizabeth at 9:18 AM



at 2:31 PM Blogger Pissy Britches said...

Ok..does a day get much better than this day you had.
We haven't even filed our taxes yet. DAMMIT.
Sounds like a fabulous day girly!

at 9:53 PM Blogger Football Widow said...

I love the feeling of paying stuff off! Woo hoo!

at 12:27 AM Blogger Kami said...

Shit, we haven't done our taxes yet either.

Yeah, infants don't belong at the damn movies.

at 9:12 AM Blogger Jennifer said...

I have been to a mid-night movie and people had babies there. WTF

at 2:21 PM Blogger Nap Queen said...

I hate it when people bring their infants to a movie. IT'S CALLED A BABYSITTER....Look into it.

We did the same thing with our taxes. They came in, and went directly out to pay bills. It sucks and rules at the same time.

at 4:31 PM Blogger Annejelynn said...

is there an old post somewhere in your archives about your situation with your son that I haven't yet happened upon? yes? no? (don't make me try to find it, please - I'll get fired from my job for total lack of productivity! - hee hee)


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