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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Life update

I am sitting here watching Guiding Light (shut up) because I really need a work break. I am close to reaching an end point for one large section and I am feeling the "get the fuck done" feeling. I need a break. I actually took one for the bulk of yesterday while the hubs and I ran around town spending money like we had it or something. We went to Sam's and dropped a ton o' cash for giant quantities of food and new malibu type lights for outside. I am so not a fan of the solar powered ones because they don't tend to provide enough light regardless of how much sunlight beat down on them all the fucking day long. Nevertheless, the hubs really wants to try them because he does not like dealing with wires and let's just say that maintaining the whole light bulb, light parts thing is so not up his alley. He is one that likes to wait until like 15 of them are out before he changes bulbs. That makes me get a tic so let's hope that these lights are bright enough. If not, back they go. We had lunch at Hooters which was so fucking good that I was talking about it for like 5 hours afterwards. I have issues. That shit was good though. However, our little waitress chick was a pretty girl but had the personality of a doorknob. I mean, I do not fault these girls for working there. Shit, they got bills just like you and me. Trust me, when my shit was slammin' (there was a time), if I had thought about how much money those girls are probably brining in nightly all for waving their boobies in men's faces, SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT, I would be all over that pantyhose/shorts look. However, this chick was just like blah. I mean, she probably gets pissy ass women who come in there and heaven for-fucking-bid do their men look at the waitresses and then the women take it out on said waitress, so I guess I understand her hesitancy to be nice if there is a chick at the table. However, if she wants to make bank, she needs to be a tad nicer. I'm just sayin....
We also went to FIL's grave site because yesterday was his birthday. I was good until we left. Then, the water works came. I wish he was still here. Coincidentally, my nieces birthday was also yesterday. We dropped off her presents at school. Why not just take them to her bday party, you might be wondering quietly to yourself? Well, because MIL will be there and we will not be going. Hubs is working, but there is no fucking way I will be there. Sucks to have to kinda take it out on the niece, but I gotta do what I gotta do. We made sure her presents got to her though.
I did find the bad ass comforter featured below also. It was a fun day - lots of running around but it was surprisingly relaxing.
Well, the work ain't gonna do itself so I suppose I had better go finish up. Tonight I am watching "Derailed" finally. The hubs is working later than we thought so I can watch that and a late dinner of steak and grilled asparagus once he gets home. Yum!
Oh, also, I called the parish nearest us to inquire about their "let's convert her ass to Catholicism" class. I have to grab the registration from the Pastoral Center. The classes don't start until August so until then, I think the hubs and I will try to make mass as regularly as possible. I mean, I might run screaming out of the parish but at least I tried something. If I run into any of the freak shows that Molly over at Mean Coffee did, I might just bring weapons to class.

Elizabeth at 3:53 PM



at 8:09 AM Blogger Jomama said...

I have the same birthday as your niece and FIL. Neato.

at 8:45 AM Blogger Territorial said...

I can't wait for the snow to melt so we can get our bbq out. Steak and asparagus is one of my favourite summertime meals.

Happy Birthday to FIL. Of course you wish he was here but it's nice to think how happy and complete he is now. ((hug))


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