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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Oh, thank you GOD

Thanks to this lovely man who loves to make sure that the government does not get one red cent over what we, as taxpayers, owe it, the husband and I are getting a nice refund this year. I am quite pleased. :) I was having a bit pity party for myself yesterday over some material issues and I thought to myself last night that I so needed to get over myself. I am healthy, live in a wonderful home that keeps me warm at night, have all the furniture I need, have meals to eat (as my ass will attest), and get to buy stuff for myself just for shits and giggles sometimes. I need to get the fuck OVER IT. So after I smacked myself in the face a few times, I moved on. And this is what happened today. Proof positive that when you let something go, sometimes what you need ends up coming to you. :)

Elizabeth at 10:24 AM



at 11:04 AM Blogger Cat said...

CONGRATS! I only hope I can say the same, but its not looking so good!

Take care!

at 11:06 AM Blogger Spikey1 said...

Send some up my way please?

at 11:19 AM Blogger Timestep said...

Well, I hate to contridict you, but you really want to break even or owe a small amount.

See, if they owe you, it means they earned the interest on the money w/held from your check and then they return it, sans interest to you (they get more).

If you owe them or you break even, they didn't get any more from you than they deserve.

(from the one who will owe ALOT due to a mix up in the withholding).

at 11:27 AM Blogger Southern Fried Girl said...

Oh I am well aware that I just gave the gov't a no interest loan but you know what, we need the windfall, so that's cool with me.

at 12:35 PM Blogger Timestep said...

Glad it's arriving in the year you need it!! I wish ours wasn't so screwed up this year, that's for sure.


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