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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Book 18 - Goodbye Jimmy Choo by Annie Sanders

This was a cute book, but for whatever reason, it took me longer than usual to finish it. The story was about two women from the English suburbs who become friends because they have nothing in common with the Stepfordish other Momanistas in their neighborhoods. The end up starting a cosmetics company using the formulas and ingredients found in one of the women's aunt's old diary. It was a good story with a lot of colorful characters and interesting plot lines. If you want a nice read, then I recommend. :)

Elizabeth at 12:30 PM



at 12:45 PM Anonymous Stacy said...

OOh, looks like a good light read, a la Shopaholic type of book, which I love. Will have to check and see if my library has this one, thanks for the review! :)

at 1:08 PM Blogger Sea_creature said...

Oh goodie, another book to add to my newly started "to read" list.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I really do appreciate it.

I grew up in Glendale and now I'm living in Burbank. I went to Pasadena City College...

I tell ya, I am SO TIRED of LA though. My fiance and I really want to move away once we get married. California is just too expensive and too crowded. Every time I see an out of state license plate I'm like, "GO the fuck BACK to where you came from, damnit! You're NOT gonna make it in Hollywood!" Bastards... Hehe...

Oh yea, and I really enjoy the FUG Thursdays! Your comments are hilarious!

at 2:00 PM Blogger Tammy said...

Question - when reading a book with people from England - do you read their words with an English accent? Or is it just me?

at 10:42 PM Blogger Kami said...

I just wanted to say, enjoy reading all these damn books before you start blowing kids out, honey.



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