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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Feeling your pain, Houston

***EDITED TO ADD*** Tammy of Rant n Ravin Haven is no longer part of the unemployed. My girl was out of a job like only a DAY, y'all. That's a talented girl, right there. So wander on over to her blog and give her some congrats!!!!!

There was an interesting story on our local news tonight. One of the local correspondents went to Houston to question the residents about how they feel about our lovely residents invading their city. The Houstonians were much nicer about it than I'd have been considering that Houston's violent crime rate has climbed since the New Orleans residents have infested it. Fights in schools have gone up. It's pathetic. This is how we show a city our gratitude for taking us in? Yeah, good call.

Well, it has moved on over to my neck of the woods. I live across the river from the City of New Orleans. Um, that is not an accident. I happen to like the Mississippi River to be in between me and the more scummy aspects of our fair city. Well, some of those displaced are living in a makeshift FEMA trailer park on the other side of my rather small town. Is it any sort of shock that the crime rate in my small town has skyrocketed since they moved in? Is it any sort of coincidence that the crime has centered around those individuals?

Um, I am gonna go with NO.

So, Houston, I, as a citizen of a city outside of New Orleans feels at least a small part of the frustration y'all must feel over having to deal with residents of New Orleans. Meanwhile people from all over the country are wondering how much their taxes are going to go up to clean this mess up. Is this any way to show them that we deserve to have our homes back? Is this how we show that this city is a vital place that is open to tourism? Is this how we act on NATIONAL FUCKING TV? Shooting up schools, murdering our new neighbors?

As my good buddy, Tammy says: I hate people.

Elizabeth at 11:10 PM



at 11:25 PM Blogger Tammy said...

Thanks for the shout-out!! I was actually unemployed for 2 days, but who's counting!! :)

And yes, that is a reason I hate people.

at 11:34 PM Blogger Adam said...

Thank you for that SFG. Any time y'all are ready to come pick them up, they will be waiting at the customer service desk.

We Texans are a little particular about who we give free cheese. Here's to Nagin '06. He's been campaigning non-stop here in the Houston area. Gotta love absentee balloting...the newest form of mail fraud!

at 7:35 AM Blogger Amy said...

So embarrassing, isn't it? Funny, right after I read this, I ran across this: http://www.news8austin.com/content/top_stories/default.asp?ArID=159094. So, considering that we have quite a few evacuees, apparently they're not screwing up everywhere :-)

at 8:27 AM Blogger The Kept Woman said...


Those Houstonians are patient people.

Except in traffic on I-10.

at 11:00 AM Blogger Spikey1 said...

Fuck that shit and she has 6 weeks pay! :)

at 11:32 AM Blogger Pissy Britches said...

You are so real..so honest..
I love it.
You don't bullshit.
I love it.
You rock.

at 3:41 PM Blogger Shell said...

I guess it depends on WHICH Houstonians you ask. If you live in the SW side...which had a crime problem to begin with and now has a MUCH larger crime problem...then maybe you are a little pissed off about the evacuees.

I live close to the Astrodome where they housed them all at the beginning. Let's just say my neighborhood was suddenly not as nice and safe as it usually was and I was QUITE relieved when they started handing out vouchers for apartments that were not in my neighborhood.

The ones that can actually afford to live in my neighborhood have been really nice.

at 5:31 PM Blogger Mainline Mom said...

Hmm...I'm giving second thought on moving to Houston. Are those people ever gonna go home?

at 12:22 PM Blogger Amy said...

Go home to where? IF their home is still there, chances are they have no power, water, sewage, law enforcement, etc.


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