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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Neighbors from hell, part deux and movie reviews

I so can't even deal with these dipshits next door. OK, when we moved in here, I heard these like HORROR stories of the freak show man who lived here before we did. He had a wife and 2 girls as well. He would not allow any cats to roam the neighborhood. He would freak if someone walked in his grass. And, my personal favorite, he would not allow the shithead neighbors next door to put their garbage cans on the other side of the house because he did not want to see them. Yeah, dude had some balls, ok?

Is it sad that I am now starting to feel his pain? I mean, as evidenced by the pictures I posted yesterday, they clearly don't take pride in the outside of their home. I mean, I am not perfect - by far. My lawn could use a good cutting right now but the fact that it rained today means the hubs can't cut it. (Yeah, he's all broken up.) However, I do not leave shit all over the side of my house either. And the motorcycles have GOTTA GO. I have no problem with bikes or bikers. I mean, shit, I don't care. However, when it comes to the whole revving of the engine and the loudness, I get pissed OFF. In that way, I am an old mawmaw who shakes her fist at those damn kids these days.

I watched two fairly good movies recently. Requiem for a Dream was quite the ride. It was rather arty and creative in how it was shot. The characters were interesting. It was not a movie that I would normally love to watch, but I did appreciate it for the way it was different from other movies and the story was actually very touching and sad. Last night, I got a new Netflix and I curled up cozy in bed during a storm and watched Match Point starring Johnathan Rhys Meyers (not sure if I spelled that right)and Scarlet Johannsen. Very good movie. Basically, the story was about this rather wealthy British family that JRM marries into. He ends up having an affair with the Scarlet character who, by the way, was engaged to the young man in the rich family who happens to be a friend of JRM even before he gets into the family. It, of course, ends disasterously but I won't completely spoil it in case you decide to see it. It just came out on DVD yesterday so go check it out.

There are big changes in my life going on right now in a professional capacity. I will have hopefully good news to report in the next couple of months, but for now, just keep sending those good vibes my way. Speaking of good vibes, I am feeling better about the shit I vented about yesterday. I am not nearly as irritated by it as I once was. It is their loss really and I am over it. I shall go to this shower on Saturday, and then cut my losses. I am kinda just bummed that they seriously disappointed me.

Oh, here is a goody for ya. As y'all know, I have had zero contact with the MIL since the death of my FIL. I mean, nothing. She has been in contact with the hubs a couple of times, but absolutely nothing to me and that is just fine by this bitch. So the hubs comes home the other day and says he spoke to the MIL. She asked him to ask me (yep, it's become that mature - we do the adult version of "pass this note down to her") if I wanted her cat - the very same cat that we took care of for a few months before. She just had to have this cat. Had to. Now, he is a nuisance and she wants him gone. He is too spunky basically and according to her, "seems lonely." Yeah, whatever. She is too busy spending money with wild abandon to take proper care of a pet and she wants it to be over with. I told the hubs no for a couple of reasons but I am concerned that she will extend no effort to find a proper home for him and just end up letting him go in the woods or something. I really hope she does not do that. I'll have to bitch slap her for that shit.

No Way Back Wednesday for me today. I am too lazy to go digging through the pictures. How is that for slackass?

Elizabeth at 11:00 AM



at 10:54 PM Blogger Football Widow said...

I can just imagine you shaking your fists at bikers.

at 9:55 AM Blogger Tammy said...

Good vibes. Good vibes. Good vibes.

Okay, I'm not siding with the neighbors or anything, but I'd like to see one of my neighbors try to tell me on which side of the house I could store my own trash cans. Yea. Not happening. :)

at 12:42 PM Anonymous Stacy said...

I've been wondering if "Match Point" is any good - I was humming along till the "ends disastrously" part. Aww, now... now I'm not sure I want to rent it! :)

Sorry about the neighbors. We are very very lucky in that we have great neighbors, no problems. Sorry you're having to put up with all this crap.


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