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Monday, April 03, 2006

Odd ass weekend

I have already told y'all about my incredibly interesting Friday evening. Saturday, I got up, did some work, took my first swim of the summer, and then went to go have dinner with some girls I used to work with. I felt so uncomfortable. I am really not sure why. I play acted like I had a fabulous time, but it was a giant charade. I felt like I was on the outside looking in. They clearly have sorta healed whatever hole or space I took up in our little clique. I don't mean to imply that I was so integral in these women's lives because clearly I was not. I have thought briefly about going back to the firm to visit some of the people with whom I used to work but the more I think about it, the more I think that is not going to happen. I am just not sure. I was not happy there for various reasons that I will not go into here and frankly I think it might be better for me to just cut my losses. Perhaps I will change my mind later, but for now, this is where this lies.
I came home from dinner to find a very not pleased hubs sitting about 6 inches from the TV screen watching LSU hand their asses over to UCLA. So that put him in a fab mood. Luckily he was tired, I was tired, so we both pretty much crashed. Got up early Sunday morning to go to mass. I am planning to take the RCIA classes at a parish near to my home but they do not start until August. Until then, I am going to attend mass there so that I feel a tad more comfortable entering these classes. Like the deacon said, after the 25 weeks are up, I might decide that while this was a lovely education on Catholicism, this is just not for me. I have to at least check this out though. So, from now on, the hubs and I will attend weekly mass as often as his schedule permits. I may attend alone if he is just on some God awful stretch of work, but I am not sure about that just yet. We got home, I finished working, and then we hit the pool again. :) Truth be told, we spent so little time here last summer that I was unable to truly get into the whole backyard living thing. Hurricanes permitting, I plan to spend a sick amount of time in the pool. The hubs and I even have a bet as to whether I will be tan by my birthday. He has no faith in his pasty pale wife. After that, we went to dinner at some friends' house and stayed to watch the Lady Tigers also suck ass. On a related note, I am all for female athletes having been a rather sporty gal in my high school days, but what. the. fuck? There is some chick on LSU's team that I swear to God was hiding some man meat. She was a straight up dude, y'all. Hubs gets all pissy when I talk about him watching the lesbians on tv (women's basketball) and says I say that about any girl who plays sports. Um, whatever. I PLAYED sports, dickwad. I also found out the benefits of lip gloss and leg shaving. It's called balance, hubs. Look it up.
Being that I completed a rather huge chunk of what I am working on, I am taking today, Tuesday, and Wednesday off. Today the hubs was working so other than running Mom to the doctor, I was a lazy piece of shit. Tomorrow I have a few things to do. Wednesday is our appointment with the attorney about shutting off part II of the ex-bitch's gravy train come May. Girlstepchild is now 18 and out of school in 2 short months. Could not come fast enough for me. Two more years and we are done completely. Y'all will do the happy dance with me, right?

Elizabeth at 9:07 PM



at 10:46 PM Blogger Amy said...

Happy-dancing for you already, Baby-girl! Enjoy your time off.

at 7:57 AM Blogger Summer said...

I'll be glad to do the happy dance with you and for you as I remember the day I got to dance. Is there a reason that the support goes on for another 2 years?

at 9:11 AM Blogger Tammy said...

(Happy dancing)

Hiding some man meat, huh? You kill me.

at 9:32 AM Blogger MsPerdie said...

LMAO!!!! Hiding some man-meat....look it up, it's called balance.... you are too funny.

As far as your ex-coworkers...people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.... maybe they just happened to be for a reason, or that season.... you win some, you lose some, but never lose the lesson.

((((Hugs)))) Have fun on your day's off...can't wait until my vacation.

at 10:43 AM Blogger The Kept Woman said...




They all sound vaguely familiar and quite lovely...

at 10:52 AM Blogger Kami said...

You are such a cracker. Let's see your tan when you get it, girl.

(Says the other Saltine.)

at 10:27 PM Blogger Football Widow said...

Wait. You have a pool? I'm packing my bags. Be there soon.

I'm a big ole pasty girl myself. Good luck with that tanning thing.

at 10:32 PM Blogger AL said...

~*~*~*~*~ Happy Dance ~*~*~*~*~

I think that things have changed a lot for female athletes, specifically basketball. Almost all of the girls on the team at my high school are like what you describe - like it is trendy to be a lesbian (a butch one at that).

I was an athlete, too, and never that way! Oh, well.

at 10:41 PM Blogger Pissy Britches said...

You come visit me and my pool and I will come visit you and your pool..we will have us a good ass drunken time..

at 9:14 PM Blogger JD's Rose said...

I'll do the happy dance. I'll do the happy dance!


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