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Thursday, April 27, 2006

A slightly different take on FUG Thursday

FUG Thursday brought to us by the wonderful Kami is our chance to point out the fashion pointless and ugly as a public service announcement for the blog world.

First, let me bring you the anti-FUG. Jessica Alba never ever looks bad. She never even looks mediocre. I almost hate her.

On the other side of the coin, we have the Almost Constant FUG. Kelly Osborne is just a wreck. Everything about her looks is almost always too severe. She so needs to stop dragging fashion ideas from Big Papa.

The sometimes FUG, sometimes not-so-FUG. Carmen Electra is a beautiful girl. True, she wears way too damn much make-up and sometimes dresses like a $2 whore, but having seen her on tv with very little make-up on her lovely face (yes I watched her and Dave Navarro's show on MTV - SHUT UP) I can attest that she is GORGEOUS. Every now and then she busts out with an outfit that is a tad more conservative and she looks lovely. Then, of course, she busts out with skanky shit the next day. Oh well, when you look like that, I suppose you can wear whatever.

Going to a baseball game later - high school game. Should be a good time. I love sporting events. Too fun. :) Y'all have a loverly day.

Elizabeth at 10:10 AM



at 10:49 AM Blogger Kami said...

Yes, Kelly makes me throw up in my mouth every time I see her.

Oh, and she can't sing.

at 10:52 AM Blogger Territorial said...

Jessica Alba is gorgeous. In my head, I look just like her LOL

at 12:44 PM Anonymous Stacy said...

If I was a guy, I think I would have a terrible crush on Jessica Alba. I mean, man, she always looks so good. Makes the rest of us look like beached whales. :)

at 2:31 PM Blogger MommyMe said...

Is Kelly really that *white*? And she makes an awful blonde

at 3:25 PM Blogger The Kept Woman said...

Kelly Osborne looks freakishly like a bride of Frankenstein or something equally as creepy.

at 2:34 PM Blogger Shell said...

I'm glad Jessica Alba sued Playboy for putting her on the cover (no nudie shots whatsoever) without her permission. And Playboy apologized and donated money to her fave charity. I agree Stacy...if I was a guy I'd have a huge crush on Jessica too.

How many tats can a girl have Kelly? Are you trying to fill in all the empty skin space? Ugh.


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