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Friday, May 19, 2006

Have you ever.....

Sneezed so hard and so unexpectedly that you truly believe half of your brain is now somewhere outside of your head?

Yeah, I just did that twice, so if I start tripping or stumbling over my words, it is clearly because I just snotted out brain cells.

Carry on with your day.

Elizabeth at 12:41 PM



at 1:28 PM Blogger Carrie said...

Oh, I can totally relate! I have sneezed so many times this week, I'm sure that I've lost several brain cells in the process. Not to mention that I've surely coughed up a lung as well. :)

at 2:08 PM Blogger speckledpup said...

that mental pictures (no pun intended) will be with me all day...

spank you so much.

at 9:32 PM Blogger kerri said...

Hmmm, I haven't done that, but I HAVE sneezed so hard that I peed my pants. Done that multiple times in my life, actually. Yeah, I'm definitely the class kid on the block. ;)

at 1:55 PM Blogger Pissy Britches said...

All the time.
I am convinced that I sneeze out most of my brain cells.


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