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Sunday, May 14, 2006


Am I the only one who fucking cried like a giant puss 5 minutes ago at the end of Grey's Anatomy?

Thank God the rest of the finale is tomorrow night and not next week. I'd pass out from stress by then.

Elizabeth at 11:02 PM



at 10:30 AM Blogger Tammy said...

Nope. You are NOT the only one. I will be even MORE weepy tonight if Denny kicks it.

What are we going to do with a whole summer with out McDreamy?

at 11:55 AM Blogger Shell said...

OH.MY.GOD...I can't believe last night. And tonight...geez...I have to bust my ass to get home in time to watch the rest of it.

Denny is a hottie. Hopefully he won't go. And what if Izzy does go through with the whole thing and gets caught? Would she get fired? I don't want to see her go.

at 12:07 PM Blogger SylviaSilverstein said...

DAMN IT! I fell asleep! I have to rush home after work today and watch it before tonight's.

at 12:33 PM Blogger Amy said...

I was too stunned to cry. Holy! I didn't know the rest was tonight - I'm glad I read you today!

at 12:56 PM Blogger TBG said...

Oh my god I was weeeping like a baby!

WTF is wrong with me or us? Its TV god damit...drama...fake!

Wow thank god it is on tonight! Thank god!

at 3:33 PM Blogger Nicole said...

Don't tell me what happened! I have it dvred and have to re-watch the parts I missed in between bathing and feeding kiddos before tonights final episode!!! LOVE it and it always makes me cry!

at 4:12 PM Blogger Carrie said...

So, I never watched the show before, but caught the 'recap' one a couple weeks back. nothing else was on last night so decided to see what all the fuss is about and I'm hooked! Already have the VCR set to tape tonights show so I don't miss it!

at 4:50 PM Blogger Kelly said...

OK, Izzie was really bugging the heck out of me last night. Even my DH was saying, "Get a grip woman!" but yes, I was too stunned to cry! Tonight should be awesome!

at 6:31 PM Blogger Cassy said...

I cannot wait for the rest of it tonight.

I love me some McDreamy.

I cried, too. Dammit.

at 7:58 PM Blogger Doc Rob said...

I love reading your blog and I LOVE LOVE LOVED last night's show. And I cried and I will cry I'm sure again tonight..
I want to watch in alone..no husband, no kids,..just me and my box of kleenex. There is nothing worse than people talking and coughing or snoring while you're totally in to a great show..

at 12:53 PM Blogger Easily Amused said...

I knew that I wasn't the only one!!!

OMG I am so glad that I didn't watch Sunday night!! I TIVo'd it and stayed up last night and watched all 3 hours at once!! I laughed, cried, laughed got angry, laughed...well, you get the picture!!

I even wrote a little something on it in one of todays posts...I can't wait till next season and till season comes out on DVD!!!

at 3:54 PM Blogger kerri said...

I just have to herein admit that I bawled like a baby for fifteen minutes, at least, last night when Denny died. And the pink dress. And the Carev holding Izzy, and how stupid Meredith and Derek are. Yeah, just tears. Huge, big, blubbering tears.


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