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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Friday night I went to dinner with my friend, Lynn. We had a nice time. Ate some bad ass ice cream after at Cold Stone. That place is just one giant fat ass waiting to happen. However, the have good shit.
Saturday, I got up and did a bit of work. That afternoon we went to Build-A-Bear for a friend's daughter's birthday party. I had never been in that place but holy shit, what a fucking genius that owner of that company is. I mean, you shove crap in a scrap of material and dress it up and then bye bye, gimme your money. The kids were eating it up. They have outfits for everyone too. It was unreal. My husband and I were both blown away. After that, we had to find some last minute stuff for my trip coming up. Two of those things are shoes - one pair that I actually have to wear in this wedding and one that I need for my outfit for the rehearsal dinner. I am so over this shit. Seriously if one more person ends up getting married and asks me in it, please smack the shit out of me if I say yes. I loathe all this shit. I also have to find a bead because my sister wants to make a bracelet to bring with her into the delivery room in July when she pops out my niece. Plus I need to find something that can go on the niece's mobile that represents me and/or my life. Um, ok. Let me get right on that. Today I got up and worked pretty much all day. Also did laundry and dinner is in the crock pot. I am worn the fuck OUT. I will be so damn glad when this month is over.
Here is a funny story. Not funny ha ha, funny I wanna punch a wall. I have gotten no less than 3 people calling me asking me what the girl would like for graduation. Oh wait, let me specify, people from my family and bank of friends. Two of these people do not even know the girl but because she is a so-called member of my family they are opening up their wallets to hook this ingrateful child up. I seriously want to vomit. I knew my father and stepmother and mom would give her gifts and/or money, but I never even considered anyone else. Yep, good thing we don't care, right? Good thing that no one gives a fuck about that girl except for her mother's fucked up family. GOOD FUCKING THING. You all will be proud to know that I just said a card would be fine and appreciated. However, most want to give gifts so they are sending checks. I don't begrudge the girl this money because shiiiiit, I remember when I graduated and I was pleased as shit to get my checks. However, I want to write on each of them "since we clearly don't care about you."
Oh, and remember when I initially mentioned with great glee that the court date was on the girl's graduation? Yeah, that's going to be changed. The hubs has called his attorney to take care of it. So now we wait more and continue to pay longer than we should have to all because heaven for-fucking-bid the bitch is not at home all damn afternoon to do the girl's hair. Yep, that is the reasoning. What the fuck ever. Just let me know when it is June 2008 and we are done paying for good and the boy is 18. If I have not gone stark raving mad by then, I want a medal. A big one.
Well, we saw The DaVinci Code and I liked it. I did not get to read the book but I did know what it was about. I don't see what all the damn controversy is about. The Catholic church keeping a giant lie hidden or perpetrating fraud? Well, hell NO. They would NEVER, right? Yeah, ok. My faith is what it is and it is not tied up in what any men in any church do or don't do. Therefore, I had no problem watching a FICTIONAL movie about a giant "what if?" Call me crazy but movies don't make or break what I believe.
Tonight is the Desperate Housewives season finale. I am curious to see how they wind this all up. Should be pretty damn good. I just hope I don't boo hoo through it the way I did with Grey's Anatomy.

Elizabeth at 8:26 PM



at 9:40 PM Blogger Cheeky said...

I saw the DaVinci Code today too! I thought the book was incredible and I think the movie did a fair job of trying to capture the book - the book totally rocks!

Sounds sorry the court date is gonna change - the sooner you can get rid of that "problem" the better

at 10:45 PM Blogger Jennifer said...

I'm watching DH and blogging at the same time=}

at 12:50 AM Blogger TBG said...

I want to see the Davinci Code!

Oh and Coldstone yeah that place is fabulous!

at 9:47 AM Blogger Wethyb said...

I love Grey's Anatomy! Balled like a baby at the finale!!

I wanna see the DaVinci Code too, but, well, visits to the theatre are few and far between.

Thanks for stopping by!

at 10:13 AM Blogger Football Widow said...

I love the birthday cake ice cream at that place. I cried through Gray's anatomy too.

at 2:25 PM Blogger Mainline Mom said...

I read the book and it was great, but I hear the movie is pretty PC compared to the book which is just a big Catholic bashfest.

at 2:51 PM Blogger Sea_creature said...

Ah, Depeche Mode...lovely. One of my favorites since I was like, 8!

"One big fat ass waiting to happen", HAHAHAHAHAAHAAA!!! Yes, yes, YES! So damn good though. My favorite is coffee ice cream with oreos and peanut butter cups crushed in it. Oooh *DUH-rool*

Oh man, I hope it all works out in court. You can DO IT. Just keep plugging along and don't let them hurt you anymore...ungrateful is right!

at 3:39 PM Blogger Carrie said...

I saw the movie and it pretty much followed the book to a tee. I don't get the whole controversy. It's 'fiction'. I read Stephen Kings 'Cell' and didn't wig out about my cell phone... why? because it's fiction.

An interesting story, but it didn't make me all of a sudden change all my beliefs. People can so totally overreact to stuff. Not to mention, I thought his first book in the series, 'Angels and Demons' was the one more targeted at the Catholic church. whatever... :)

at 10:17 AM Blogger Fuzzball said...

You need a hug, and I am just the Fuzz to give it to you:



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