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Thursday, May 04, 2006

What the FUCK???

Welcome to Kami's brainchild, FUG Thursday, where we issue hearty "Oh hell no" to some of the fashion not so forward. Behold.

OK, just no. There are so many things wrong with these boots that I am not sure where to begin. Wait, yes - the fabric. For the love that all is holy, what on earth is that fabric?

Just when you think it can't get worse, oh yeah, it can. This skirt is literally called a cowgirl square dance skirt. I swear. I think that pretty much says it all.

Someone else (can't remember who) warned us that the puffy/ruffle skirt was going to be upon us soon. It seems she was not lying. This was not flattering in the 80s and it ain't gonna fly now. Go away little skirt.

Let Kami know if you point out the FUG in our world. :)

Elizabeth at 8:10 AM



at 9:54 AM Blogger Tammy said...


at 11:35 AM Blogger Nap Queen said...

That is some ugly shizz, but those boots, wow, they are something else.

at 11:35 AM Blogger A taste that's bitter said...

I bet McGriddle would like those pointy boots.

at 11:37 AM Blogger The Kept Woman said...


I want me one of them there ruffly skirts.

With black calf-length leggings underneath, of course. Like I even need to state the obvious.

at 12:16 PM Blogger TBG said...

I cant even begin to express how terrible that shit is!

at 12:31 PM Blogger Kami said...


What the hell are those boots????

at 11:42 PM Blogger Football Widow said...

Not only is that skirt ugly, it's freaking short!


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